Meet Mofebisola – The Expert Craftswoman


Mofebisola Oyebade, also known as Mofe Estera, takes the concept of locally woven mats and integrate it into any kind of material and objects.

She had this to say when asked about how she started her business. “After my National Youth Service Corps in 2015, I went home, to my hometown, Ogotun Ekiti. At that time, I was not employed and I had a lot of time to think; think about the next phase of my life, what I was going to do now that I was back at home, how I was going to survive and keep myself busy.”

“It was one of those days I realised most people in Ogotun-Ekiti, especially the youths have given up the ancient craft of the town, which is mat weaving. Out of love for my people and my love for business, I decided to turn mat weaving into a business, big enough that those who despised it would want to go back to it.”

“There was only a way that was going to work; going beyond weaving mats but creating everyday items with the mats, and that was what we did.”


Speaking on her challenges, she mentioned limitation with manpower and pricing. “For now, we have limited number of people on our team. Most of the people we work with are based on contracts; they come in, do whatever is required and they are out the moment the project is over. Sometimes, it takes a longer time to get things done but we always meet deadlines.”

“We also have a little challenge of matching quality with price. Most times, it’s not easy to match the quality of our products with prices but quality is something we never compromise on.”


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Mofebisola draws inspiration from God, the women in her hometown, Ogotun Ekiti, especially the ones who weave the mats she works with, her immediate environment and social media.”

Her first exhibition in 2015 was one project that increased her confidence in her skills. “It was less than two weeks after we had started business and it was our first outing. We had a lot to do, from sketching, designing and bringing our ideas to life to production and packaging. It was really hectic putting everything together but we did it. The exhibition was ground-breaking for us and people were surprised at the things we had done with the mat.”

Looking forward, “We will take advantage of any avenue to showcase what we can do with our mats as this would help create awareness of what we do, increase and help the business expand to different parts of Nigeria and even beyond.”


She believes empowerment comes from self. “If you want to wait for the government to empower you, the opportunity may never come. Just check within you for what you are good at, read up about it to acquire knowledge in that area and find a way to create value from it. However little it is or it may seem, start. With consistency, time and more effort, it will become big.”

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