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Cecilia Chiamaka Ekeng, also known as Cecy or Mind of Amaka, is a law student by day and blogger and product photographer by night or weekends.

“This is a bit tricky as I don’t exactly have a ‘career’ yet,” she says in answer to when she started on her career path. “I’m still very much a student, currently undertaking law. However, in regards to blogging, I’ve always had the ability to write.”

“By writing I don’t mean being literate and being able to simply string some sentences together, but I have always been into creative writing. I used to write all sorts of stories from my childhood to high school. Eventually, I wanted to channel my creative energy into a particular outlet as I found that I wasn’t writing as much as I used to – and so, my blog, Mind of Amaka was born.”

Her major challenges have to do with growth of the Mind of Amaka brand and getting to a level where a high level of traffic is coming in. “There’s also promotion of my writing and blog posts which I find hard to do. Apart from that, I’m very much appreciative of my slow but steady growth, and all the people I’ve met on the way.”

“ Blogging is a craft that becomes polished with time, and I’m definitely not trying to rush too much for certain things – keeping my website live was a huge challenge I faced recently because of some intricacies on the technical end of owning a website which led to me being suspended multiple times by my hosting provider. It was a very frustrating period but thankfully I’m out of the fire for now.”

She draws inspiration from other creatives and bloggers. “Some notable people are Asiyami Gold, Ifeoma Amadi, Sisi Yemmie, Naija Single Girl amongst hundreds of other blogs. I also draw inspiration from my life and thoughts.”

Talking about a project that made her believe in herself, she mentioned starting product photography and how it changed her perspective of herself.

“I find that I have a self confidence now which has been a long time coming. Although I’m not completely self-confident, I know I have a good future ahead of me. I know I wasn’t born to be mundane.”

“I know that with my creativity, I’ll be able to inspire a lot of people. Starting product photography made me realise that one need not always travel the popular path or do what everyone else is doing. It has definitely made me believe in myself.”

Now, she is “looking to take advantage of the need for proper and effective branding – helping Nigerian businesses to convey the moods they’re going for through product photography.”

“I love youth empowerment – any empowerment at all is great,” she asserts. “I believe Nigerian youths can be empowered through knowledge. We need to know that traditional paths aren’t always what guarantee us success – sure, go to university and get your degree, but don’t let that be all.”

“Skill acquisition is one very important source of empowerment, as it allows you to practice the skill in your own time to help yourself. Things like sewing, baking, cooking, shoe making, amongst several other skills can go a long way in helping an individual! Who wouldn’t like to earn something for themselves while waiting for other opportunities? I’m an eager advocate for skill acquisition.”

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Email: mindofamaka@gmail.com

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