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Meet Mayowa – The Talent Manager


Mayowa Balogun a.k.a “Sweeg” owns a Talent Management Company/Indie Record Label, ”BEAM Entertainment”, that is growing very fast. He also consults and advises many artists and creative people. He likes to think of himself as an advocate for the creative minds in Nigeria. Some of the artistes signed under him are LasGiiDi, Olú, Lady Donli and Wavy TheCreator.

Additionally, Sweeg contributes as a writer to Pulse Nigeria and a few other reputable site.

“I’m also going to be part of an online radio show/podcast on Gidilounge called “Afrobeats Geeks.” We did a single episode about a month ago and we got great feedback so we figured we’d continue with it”

Mayowa said he started out just wanting to be involved in the music industry in any capacity.

“I knew being a recording/performing artist wasn’t for me but I had a passion for the “behind the scenes” part of the industry; the business, the planning, that kinda stuff. My first foray was via blogging. I had my own blog with my current partner back in 2010/2011, from there I reached out to NotJustOk and I got hired  as a blogger; it was my first BIG step.” He said.

“After doing that for a while, I realized even though I was good at blogging, my skills were better suited towards managing artists and overseeing their business affairs so I decided to channel my energy fully into it. It’s been challenging but slowly but surely, the credibility is coming and my artists are growing bigger and bigger on a daily basis, so is the company.” .

Mayowa’s biggest challenge was convincing himself that this is what he wanted to do. By virtue of how he grew up, school was always number 1 and he always built his life goals around his proposed engineering career.

“I was always entrepreneurial but I just always believed I could pull off being a full time entrepreneur and have a successful job career as well; and it’s not impossible, but I eventually realized I had to sacrifice one for the other.”

According to him, what made it even harder was that the decision didn’t affect just him, but his parents, siblings, extended family and friends were also afflicted. Financial, emotional, mental sacrifices were required. He says he still faces the challenges that stem from that decision but he is convinced that he made the right choice without question and if he had to do it over, he won’t change anything.

His inspiration is drawn from successful people as well as his own potential success.

“The way life is, it’s hard to not be distracted or discouraged so I’m inspired by anyone who is hungry and determined to just be successful. I’m also inspired by my own potential success. I know where I need to be and the things I need to achieve and those goals inspire me to keep working.”


Mayowa Balogun

 Sweeg’s refereed to working at Notjustok as his greatest project so far.

“I worked for Notjustok. I got the job by reaching out to Ovie O via Twitter DM. At the time, when I sent the message, I genuinely didn’t expect anything to come out of it, I didn’t even expect a reply and for a few weeks, I didn’t get one, when I finally did, it was him offering me a position. I think to date, that is still the single biggest thing that has happened for me, career wise, based on the context of where I was at the time and the level I got to just based on my job title. It really boosted by confidence and after that I knew that I had a place in the industry.”

As a talent manager, Mayowa is always looking out for his artists, shows, events, endorsements, collaborations, anything that can strengthen their brands and their pockets. He also always keeps an ear and eye out for new sounds, new ideas, creative people like himself, or even less experienced people who want to get into management. He is open to collaborations, being a mentor, as well as being mentored.

“Done is better than perfect.” is the Talent Manager’s favorite quote. He sees himself as a doer and believes in taking action.

“…in life I believe we must shoot our shots consistently and always be ready to give it a go.”

On his stance on Nigerian youth empowerment, he said,

“I’m very passionate about youth empowerment but I also believe that youth have a strong part to play.  A lot of times youths are blaming the older generation for not being empowered, but what are we doing to empower ourselves? I think Nigerian youth can be empowered by a functional government and an environment that fosters creativity and development. But more importantly, I think as Nigerian youths, we have to take the bull by the horn and take a step towards empowering ourselves. Let’s prove to the older generation that we are ready to be empowered. Start that business, apply for that loan, take that extra class, learn that trade, keep chasing goals and keep dream chasing.”

Mayowa can be reached via the following channels below.


Twitter: @sweeegu / @OfficialBEAMEnt

Instagram/Snapchat: @sweegdeddy

Facebook: Mayowa Balogun

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