Meet Martha – The Certified Mixologist


Martha Emomidue, also known as Sunshine, is a certified mixologist and also the CEO of sweetnspicygrill. “I undertake such services as cocktails/mocktails, finger foods, small chops, with specialty in pastries, dessert and a few other things.”

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She started by initially helping her mother in her business. “I did this for a while and would always help out during long breaks and holidays. But as a child while growing up, I discovered I had flair for cooking and fashion as well. My passion motivated me to setup a food and beverage business services. I started marketing with C&I Leasing Plc, who hired us to work for MTN Nigeria.”

“Challenges are a part of life and also a part of growing up,” Martha believes. “And every job has its own peculiar challenges. Part of the challenges of my job is meeting clients’ demands and selling in the face of stiff competition.”

She draws inspiration from reading.” I read business books, reviews, biographies, journals and magazines with requisite details of my professions. I also search the Internet for more ideas in line with the business.”

“Again, I draw inspiration from speaking with experts in the field; go for trainings and learning from them either through personal contact or thought periodic seminars and symposium as well. I also draw inspiration from a personal wish to succeed at what I do.”

When asked about a project that served as a confidence booster for her, she has this to say, “When I initially started my current business, I set out to do my work with certain personal targets. Learning and understanding the business was my major priority.”

“I remember when I was called upon a few hours to a major event in Asaba and had to setup lunch for the event with a short notice, we delivered right on time and lunch was on point. The success of that job was a motivating factor that helped spur self belief and confidence that I can do so much more if I am willing to do so.”

Moving forward, “I am looking to take advantage of opportunities for growth, starting with a supervisory role as well as an entry level management role which will give further opportunities to grow to full management Cadre.”

“Basically, education is key,” she opines. “To empower the youths, the key is educating them with requisite knowledge that seeks to build skills and capacity rather than just offer certificates. The mind of the youth is a very potent weapon and critical education focused on spurring  creativity and developing latent skills is the best way to empower the youth.”

“I will like to conclude by saying as an individual, that which you have started or about to start, better believe in it, because trust me, no one would, if you don’t show your competency.”

Reach her on

Instagram and Facebook: @sweetnspicygrill


WhatsApp: 08035846268

Offline through physical meeting which must be prearranged and agreed upon



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