Meet Oluwakemi – The Creator of HeartDictions


Mako Desola Oluwakemi is the creator and curator of HeartDictions, a lifestyle brand that creates and curates ready to wear clothing, accessories and stationery.

Opening up about what spurred her into getting started on this career path, she described herself as being creative. She goes on to say that, “when you face the harsh truth that you are going to have to provide for yourself because there is no alternative means, you act. When I started 8 to 5 work, I was saving about 60% of my salary. In order to create more wealth, I started buying and selling vintage pieces, then graduated into accessories. In my quest to improve my management skill while juggling business, work and school, I created a life planner which I decided to share with the world, and that’s exactly how Heartdictions Planners started. Staying true to my first love, I also recently started my ready to wear line.”

Getting familiar with what she described as industry ways and standards was a challenge she had to face while establishing her brand. This goes along the line of, knowing what to charge and how to charge; how to draw up contracts and how to market; where and how to get the best hands. However, she has been able to master all these skills, albeit on trial and error. “I wish there was a ready guide for this. I had to find out the hard way,” she emphasized.

Desola draws her inspiration, first, from herself, “the person I have become and the one I am becoming.” She constantly asks herself if she would use a product she has created or curated and if it’s functional. “Once it checks both boxes, I am good.”

Personally, feedback from her clients – those she considers successful or those who use her products, especially her planners – helps Desola believe in herself and what she does. While professionally, studying her patterns of growth and sales provides the needed push to keep going.

She would like to take advantage of opportunities like trainings, comprehensive business development and investments opportunities that will propel growth for her business.

Her response when asked about her opinion on youth empowerment: “Nigerian youths can be empowered, first of all, if they rid themselves of an entitlement mentality, and by being intentional with their lives. They will only learn to see opportunities in their environment when they do these.”

Mako Desola Oluwakemi runs a blog You can also catch her on Instagram & Twitter @dee_mako. Her online store is, while Instagram & Twitter handles for the store is @heartdictions.

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