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Chioma Magret Nze, also known as Maggie Park, is a blogger/writer, graphic designer and illustrator (fashion and art)

On how she started, she says, “I have always had the passion for all things arts and craft and I have also been very business minded, so I decide to combine the two and voila.”


Magret admitted that she faces challenges and it is not peculiar to her. “In my line of work, getting the right kind of client is challenging. Most people want commission art works or logos but are unwilling to pay the price. Or I get clients who are indecisive so you end up working on a project for too long making changes here and there.”

She draws inspiration from life, “things happening all around us; the good, the bad and the ugly. As an artist inspiration comes even in the darkest situation. I also get inspiration from God (sometimes I am sleeping or resting and an idea pops into my head), my best friends and my online friend, Bolaji Olaloye.”


“My biggest inspiration, however, is my mother. All my life I have seen her diligently and smartly work hard to where she is now, a tree that  stands firm come sunshine come rain and a safe haven to all those under her. I always wanted to be like her but she wants me to be better than her.”

When asked the project she did that made her believe in herself, she mentioned working with Stella Damasus. “Recently I worked with the beautiful Stella Damasus (amazing woman) on her “Excuse my African” podcast. I did a list of designs for her and most times I felt the concept of some works I couldn’t do but she, alongside her personal assistant, who is also a friend, really encouraged me on it, and I kid you not, what I thought I couldn’t do, I did. All I had to do was believe I could, even through the trial and errors.”

Moving forward, “I am looking into expanding my arts to other mediums. So I am starting up a fashion line where you could literally wear my art works by Grace.”

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Talking about youth empowerment, she has this to say, “We all know the saying “youths are the leaders of tomorrow” but I say why wait for tomorrow?  We have to start now, build now, grow now, harvest now. You don’t have to wait till you are done with school, you don’t have to wait till you have a break through, and you don’t have to wait to get a certain amount. With what you have you can start now no matter how little.”

“Parents need to be more supportive, because gone are the days of time lines; when I finish school, I would get a job… no! Education is key yes!! But you can’t learn everything about real life in a text book. Make good use of your given talents, learn skills, monetize these talents and skills and learn more about marketing. Use the internet wisely, yes social media but how you are using it matters.”

Reach her online via

Instagram: puffpuffgirl (art page)/ queenmahgie (personal page)

Twitter: queenmahgie


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  1. Nze Ifeoma Maryjane

    Chioma Magret Nze also known as Maggie park has passion for art right from childhood, am not surprised seeing her works now, I know she’s going place with her talent, for sure she’s going to be among the greatest artists, designers in d world soon, keep it up sweet sister, may God give you more inspirations and grace to do exploit, am proud of you my princess

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