hyper-realistic artist

Meet Ken – The Hyper-Realistic Artist


Kenechukwu Nwadiogbu, also known as Kenart, is a hyper-realistic artist, inspired by Gender equality, African cultures, and Black power.

Hyper-realistic artist

He had this to say when asked about when he started. “My journey with art started far back in the University of Lagos. During my diploma days, I met a student drawing the Dean of the University of Lagos at that time. Immediately, I began making research on art, research turned to obsession, obsession turned to love. The love of art grew so large in me that all I could think of everyday was the next artwork I’d create.”

The hyper-realistic artist believes challenges make us stronger and smarter, and so doesn’t regret facing them. “Trying to satisfy customers during my first year creating art was the most difficult thing for me at that time. I was inside this box of creating what others perceived to be art and not what I perceived it to be. So I spent more time trying to be photorealistic than actually creating art. Breaking such barriers required me making better decisions and having a mental change. So art over the years have been a series of self discovery, each with its own challenges.”

Speaking on what inspires him, “Ken says, I always say I can hear the society tell me little secrets. I believe the society speaks; it’s left to us to listen. Not just listen, but to also reply. This is exactly what I do, I listen and I reply.”

hyper-realistic art                            

A certain project where he was required to create art for the unknown was a project that increased his belief in his craft. “The Beautiful People Series” was a project that required me creating art for the known, the celebrated, and the game-changers in Nigeria. Because these people had visible social media presence and large followership base, creating them got my works exposed to their followers, and the love for my artistry I got afterwards was life changing and inspiring. Secondly is the beauty that every body of work I create is, in its way, more unique than the other- So they eventually trend on social media as an incredible piece of art and the feedback from people around the world become a mantle of inspiration.”

Moving forward, he says he has always been enthusiastic about residency programs.” It’s an amazing invention for artists to create without boundaries. So I look forward to that, and also to have my works auctioned as it’ll be an added value to my artistry.”


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Youth Empowerment, according to Ken, “is the key to having a developed and growing future individually as a person and collectively as a nation – I cannot emphasize this enough. It gladdens me that lots of organizations take this into consideration now. To empower the average Nigerian Youth, there should be events that pass knowledge to these youths and help to uncover crafts and ideas.

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Facebook: Ken Nwadiogbu

Instagram: @kennwadiogbu

Twitter: @kennwadiogbu

Website: www.kennwadiogbu.com





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