Meet Kelechi – The Graphic Designer


Kelechi Ujunwa Ofoegbu is a graphic designer and a learning digital illustrator.


Kelechi has always had a heart for design right from time. “I always loved design from my secondary school days and when I got into the university, I was the publicity secretary for my fellowship. I finally got my first laptop, thanks to my Mum, in my 400 level industrial training which was meant for engineering application but things changed. A dear friend of mine, Ufedo, gave me my first Adobe creative suite pack and thanks to God Almighty, I was able to learn how to combine images and texts and kept doing that while in final year and even during my service year where I also worked for Jimbo photolab in Uyo and Seamless Graphics in Owerri. I got intrigued when I found people and other designers who were far better and more experienced in the field. I was able to connect with them on Facebook through Naija Graphic Designers and other social media platforms, with constant learning and practice I got noticed by Mavis Computer and have worked with them ever since.”


Speaking on his challenges, he says, “Well the first is always yourself, the tendency to relax and maintain status quo is always there, the career is very dynamic and if you are not careful, you may be relegated to the sidelines and after sometime, fall out of the radar.

“Second is the value placed on the career, due to the high demand for jobs in Nigeria, once people sense there is profit in a career, there is a massive inflow into that career and you find people doing really appalling work for cheap benefits, thereby reducing its value in the nation.


“Finally, the very few agencies involved in training poses a challenge. Every career still needs agencies that would help in brushing up and keeping its members updated and informed about global standards. In Nigeria, there are very few agencies and they are majorly based in Lagos. So if someone is not careful, you may spend a lot of time making a lot of mistakes and committing lot of errors all in the name of design.”

He had a lot to say on what inspires him. “God, first and foremost inspires me. Then quite a number of people inspire me, including God’s Creations, Badejo Ademola, Ayokunle Yox Yoloye, Daniel Emeka, Leslie Williams,Charles Achibi,  MaryJoe Udochi, Tom Bancroft, Lois Van-Baarle, Segun Samson, Ifesinachi Adrian Coker Oluwafemi, Tola Alabi, Cory Loftis, Adedapo Adesugba, Mohammed Agbadi, Max Grecke, Harrison Tombra, Obinna Okereocha, DuroArts, DuksArt, Tye Martins, Etubi Onucheyo, Reilly Newman and Charlie Bowater among others.”


“Different activities such as travelling to new cities, studying books like Logo Design Love, Art of Zootopia, art of Loish, Character Design quarterly, Comic Republic and Illustrated Children Story Books, also inspire me.

“Finally, I visit websites like Pentagram, Ellae creative, Cregital, Behance, Pinterest, Artstation, and Artist on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to get inspiration.”

The moment that increased his belief in himself was being among the winners in a competition he entered for. “Some time ago, after a really depressing period, I did a design for the Ellae Creative DESIGNERS ARISE CONTEST and my design was amongst the first three and I was awarded the second position among so many other entries. That moment in life was just mind blowing.”


And now, he is looking forward to “getting professional training in illustration and graphic design and working with other designers to help make our country better for the future generation

“Youth empowerment is important for Nigerians and it has helped a lot of youths gain employment,” he opines. “Nigerian youths can be empowered better, if talents are not just seen as talents but are given an opportunity to be developed into careers with the support of the government. Apart from Farming, Beads and bag making, cake making and phone repairs, ergonomics to mention a few is needed and some youths are blessed with the knack for it.”

Connect with him via

Facebook page: Ofoegbu Kelechi Ujunwa

Twitter: @OfoegbuUjunwa

Instagram: @theofoegbu

Phone number: +234703 422 8636


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