Meet Lilian – The Broadcaster



Kasimanwuna lilian also known as RadioDiva is a Broadcaster, Journalist & Media Producer in Hot 96.5fm Asaba

After school, Lilian was faced with the challenge on what to do,“I heard someone talk about starting on a platform you’re passionate about and then I remembered I loved to read News so  I began my research and got a job with a Radio Station. My passion got me started”

Starting as an upcoming OAP with no experience was a major challenge for Lilian as she had to work for free in order to improve her skills and develop herself in that field.

“Every station wants perfection or a near perfect performance. So, as a beginner I was faced with the challenge of getting accepted by a radio station to cast News. So,  I worked for free from one station to another as a co-host, reporter, producer, I voiced adverts, Infomercial (Informative Commercials)  and reports. I also assisted in the studio.”
“I did this for one year. It was really not easy. At some point, I gave up but thanks to my family who was supportive financially and in everything. Then my mega breakthrough came,   got a job as a News Broadcaster; My dream job.

It was a tough and rough ride but it was worth it because I learnt a lot in d course of my trainings”

Through it all, her inspiration comes from her mother and sister. She also inspires herself by not giving up and continuously encouraging herself.

Some of her role models include: Bunmi Yekini, Bella Rose Okojie, Kamal Salau, Ejiro Osakade and Olusegun Olaoke

“Mrs Bunmi Yekini also inspires me; she is one of the best producers in Radio Nigeria, though strict but a go-getter. When I fail to do an assignment or probably do less than expectation, she sends me back to get a better job done. I also draw strength from Bella Rose Okojie, she’s a good Newscaster. Also, Vien007 of Cityfm greatly inspires me. My facilitators at the ProEmcees O.A.P Academy; Kamal Salau, Ejiro Osakade, Olusegun Olaoke have always been there for me and most Importantly God has been my bedrock of success”

As an OAP, she has featured in programmes like Just Cruising and “Lovers Diary on Eko 89.7fm, Family Matters on J. FM Radio,  co-hosted Bold and Beautiful on J. FM Radio. She also voiced a hype for Samsung, an advert for Chestrad International (an N.G.O company) and an infomercial for Afrab-Chem Syrup. “Doing these and getting a thumbs up made me believe that I could do it and I’m on the right track” She said.

When asked about youth empowerment, she said,

“Youth empowerment is a good initiative to set the youths and young ones on a good cause and direction. Passion is a basic factor in getting empowered. Skill Acquisition is also a major breakthrough. Asides your job, learn a skill if you can. If no job is available yet, learn a skill too, render services for a right cause and start up a business if you have the funds for it. Make sacrifices for a right cause, not everything in life is about money.”

With the experiences gained, Lilian would like to go back to school to study Journalism.

You can reach Lilian via the following social media platforms

Facebook – kasimanwuna Lilian,

Twitter @liliankassy

Instagram @lilibelle01

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