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Meet Kamal – The Dry Season Rice Farmer


Kamaluddeen Bagarmi Mohammed Soje is a Dry Season Rice Farmer.

On how he started, he says, “It all started as a dream. After graduating from school, I looked and searched for a lifetime promising enterprise that I can venture in which I can develop to larger capacity which can have some positive effect in the society.

As a process engineer, I dreamed of having an ultramodern rice mill, but I wondered about how I could achieve that if I cannot produce or source the desired raw materials myself. So I firstly ventured into dry season farming which has less risk compared to the flooded (rainy) season type due to the fact that one controls.

Speaking on inspiration, Kamal says, “My inspiration came rightly when I visited one of the villages who are into the business but in a low/smaller scale due to lack of modern techniques and the use of orthodox methods. So, I reasoned that if I can come in with knowledgeable and experience hands I can connect with, success is mine.”

During his NYSC, he worked as the project coordinator in a project of providing a community in Talata Mafara of Zamfara state with an irrigation system that will compliment the Bakalori dam they have close by.

Kamaluddeen believes, “with the recent change in government policies which places ban on the importation of rice in to the country, it gives indigenous farmers like us a chance to create wealth and employment opportunities to us, the teaming youths and the upcoming generation. It will consequently reduce government dependency for employment and help with the influx of foreign exchange for the country.”

Nigerian youths can be empowered through programs like this and other government timely interventions because the major challenge is the start up or the support and encouragement after starting up,” he opines.

“For instance, modern day entrepreneurship requires modernization and digitalisation which can be only gotten through education. But in a situation where a youth graduate ventures into a business and at the incubating period he faces challenges with no support and encouragement coming in from anywhere, then he or she may likely dump the enterprise and look for a white collar job, thereby putting on more pressure on the already  saturated system.”

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Facebook: Kamal Bagarmi

Twitter: @kamalsoje

Offline: 07039634262, 09076252698.

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