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Meet Jesse – The Audition App Creator


Jesse Benedict Okeleye is the creator of Auditions Alert App.

Speaking about how he started, he had this to say, “I believe in creating and finding solutions to problems. Starting up was based on an experience I had, wanting to be an actor. I got registered to a fake casting agent, which made me almost give up on acting but that experience helped me to create a solution, making it easy for aspiring actors, models, dancers, artists to find auditions and gigs on a spot. Auditions Alert was founded to help break the space between actors and film directors, also helping film makers find their cast and crew on the App.”

Jesse draws inspiration from his environment, the passion to help and support his community.

When asked about a project that made him believe in himself, he says, “Joining Planet Image Production team (Planet TV) as an editor, growing to be a content creator not just for Planet TV, working with other productions also as a technical producer, made me believe that anything is possible when you have the right passion for what you believe in.”

And now, he is seeking for support, networking and partnership.

He also gave his opinion on youth empowerment. “Youth Empowerment is key to developing and creating job opportunities in the country by supporting and listening to the youths and their ideas. Through this, we would create a better future that we could be proud of.”

Find him on
Instagram: @jessseokeleye and @auditionsalert



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