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Janet Amarhavwie

Janet Benson Amarhavwie is a Digital Marketing Strategist and a Social Media Marketing Expert; basically, she helps businesses grow their brands online using digital marketing techniques and tools.

Janet started her career as a Personal Assistant to the Executive Officer in Afro Pacific Oil & Gas Ltd prior to when she attained the position of Human Resources and Administrative Manager of the company.

“While working there I realized that majority of the candidates we interviewed had no career or business skills, they had no direction and had no clear path to owning their future. This gave birth to the idea of Huntta Academy, an academy where people learn practical skills to build their career and also acquire entrepreneurial skills. I wanted to help people develop themselves to the point where they are employable or can add more value to the society. We have had a class on Web Design, Digital Literacy, and our next practical class would be on Digital Marketing and would hold in September.”

In her line of work, Janet’s greatest challenge dwells on the difficulty in her finding like-minded people to work on her project.

“And I think this is a problem most start-ups in Nigeria face. It is very easy to pay people to get a job done, but it’s not easy to find people who would actually take time out to work on adding more value outside their typical job role and work time.”

Janet gets her inspiration from meeting and interacting with people especially those who are problem-solvers like herself.

“I love to network with people and listen to their stories. I am a problem solver and when I am faced with a challenge, I always find a reasonable and quick solution. So when I see new technologies, new products or meet people (or read about people) who have solved problems, I get inspired to do more.”

Having studied French language in the University, Janet would never have dreamed that she would one day have anything to do with technology. However, in the course of trying to help people develop themselves, she also had to develop hers and what she was able to achieve increased her self-belief.

“There have been a lot of projects that made me believe in myself. One of them was the Web Design class I facilitated. I studied French language at the University of Lagos and modeled for 4 years while studying. So I had no prior knowledge about IT, Web Design or anything technology. Well I had a plan and goal to help people be better version of themselves, and part of the plan was to build a website where people could choose whatever course they wanted to study. As funny as it sounds, I could not afford to pay so much to my web designer. So I had to learn how to do it myself. Turned out the first class I had at Huntta Academy was Web Design and I facilitated the course myself. This was very challenging but it was worth it. It gave me a stronger believe in myself and that is why I encourage everyone to venture out and do what they love, because the word IMPOSSIBLE does not exist in my dictionary. Everything is possible if you stay focused.”

When asked about youth empowerment, she said,

“There are already many institutions where youths can learn skills and be empowered. But the fact is it is not enough to make institutions of learning and after teaching these youths, they are not able to apply their skills to good use. What we need is to make these ones apply their skills and knowledge to solve real life challenges and social issues that need to be tackled. This is one of the few ways Huntta Academy plans to keep the youths engaged. They should be recognized for participating in project groups where they solve real life problems and social issues while using their skills to stay self-sufficient. When we do this, we are directly telling the young ones that they too can add value, they can be relevant and their dreams are valid. This would serve as an encouragement to the younger ones”

Janet is open to working on projects that would add more value to the youths in Nigeria as she believes in their potentials. However, she believes a lot of them lack proper guidance to help them maximize their potentials. “They are the future, and I believe that if we invest in them in terms of technologically growth, with time, we could even do better than Japan as we have a lot of untapped resources.“

You can reach Janet via the platforms listed below:

  • LinkedIn: Janet Amarhavwie
  • Facebook: @JanetAmarhavwie
  • Google Plus: @JanetAmarhavwie
  • Instagram : @janetamarhavwie
  • Twitter: @janetamarhavwie
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