Meet Iyamu – The Web Designer & Blogger


Iyamu Osazee A.K.A Quebex is a User Interface/Web designer, Online Publicist, Digital Marketer and a Blogger.

When asked about his career journey, he said:

“For me it all started back in 2012, a year after graduating from Computer Science at University of Benin. I started interviewing Nigerian musical artistes and doing a couple of other stuffs for, I did that for about a year and then moved on to creating my own entertainment platform – 

Back then blogging wasn’t much of a thing and blogs weren’t this much in this part of the world like they are today, so the circle was pretty small, every blogger knew every blogger and like most of us, I started helping artistes with online publicity i.e. helping them get their songs, music videos, press releases and all that stuffs on other music blogs/websites and that’s how the PR part started for me.

 Having a blog of my own meant managing it, once in a while solving technical issues and building new features whenever I had new ideas for Radiowaka. So I sometimes read, watched YouTube videos, trial and error (lol) and took a few free online courses on web design and programming languages. I started building websites for other people and trying my hands on graphics design especially because I was tired of waiting for graphics designers to deliver designs I needed for my web designs which almost always came in late which resulted to me delivering late. With the theoretical knowledge from school and the practical knowledge of hands-on trials, I got my UI/Web designer life fixed, basically all self-taught.

In 2014 I got offered a job in a branding company as a web developer which honestly was pretty scary at first especially because that was my first real office experience and first ever corporate job and I was tasked with heading the tech department so you can imagine. Worked there for almost a year but it wasn’t long till I realized the 9-5 life wasn’t for me and to be honest, the pay didn’t match the workload. I quit the job and started The Media Fish Company ( in July, 2015, a web design and development, digital marketing, branding and identity services company, so life for me has been all about Media Fish and Radiowaka ever since.”

Like every blogger, Osazee’s major challenges dwell on Nigeria’s poor power supply as well as having to pay a lot for internet while getting poor service.

“I think my biggest challenges are 1. As expected, the poor power supply in Nigeria 2. High cost of internet and pretty poor internet services in the country”

 The current Nigerian economic situation is also a stumbling block for the web designer.

The recent spending limit placed on Nigerian Debit/Credit cards by CBN, making it hard to pay for products/services on international platforms (which sadly is where we get most of the things we need to work) These are three of the things I need the most and yet the hardest to access.”

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Osazee’s inspiration is drawn from God, his life experiences and his environment.

“I stumble upon online and I’m also greatly inspired by the outcome of some of the jobs I do. That feeling you get when you’re done with a project and you take a look at the final outcome and viola! More confidence creeps in because of how great it is.”

“Although I have carried out various projects, one major experience that has inspired me and made me believe in myself would be working for the branding company back in 2014-2015. They somehow saw my portfolio, reached out and I got hired. Barely one month after getting hired, I got offered head of department. That was huge for me. To be honest, it was like magic.”

Osazee believes Youth Empowerment should surpass giving out money or physical tools but also involve mentoring from a very young age and equipping them with the right skill set.

“I believe Youth Empowerment is an educational and structural process whereby young people gain the ability to make wise decisions and implement change in their own lives and the lives of other people, including youth and adults. I think this very important for the growth of a nation.

 And of course, the government should help in empowering the Nigerian youth by providing the education, information, resources and enabling environment which right now is clearly not in place.”

Osazee is looking to tap into opportunities/platforms catering to mentor and counsel high school students in coding and basic tech-ducation.

“Tech is the future and it holds a lot for the coming generation, helping pass this torch to young minds in my local community would mean a lot to me.”

You can connect with Osazee via Twitter: @IAmQuebex & Instagram: quebex



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