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Meet Israel – The Adire Designer


Israel Ayokunumi Oyetunde is into tie and dye (Adire designing) which he does on various fabrics.

adire deigner                                                    adire designer

The love for tie and dye started for Israel when he was about to graduate from the tertiary institution, although he was taught in my Primary school. “I started seeing several designs of it around and due to the fact that I love and did art to some extent in school, the passion for Adire grew so much and kept on growing till now. And also thanks to my dad and mum, O/S and Dns Oyetunde, their support helped immensely in establishing.”

Talking about his challenges, he mentioned the issues he had trying to perfect his craft as well as delivery constraints. “I could remember when I was still trying to get the design perfect, I spoilt so many Fabrics but I did not stop even though I had a challenge of who will teach me but there was a breakthrough because I did not stop trying. Another challenge I have been faced with is how to get the product to my customers nationwide, sometimes I bear the brunt of the dispatch cost so as to make things easier on them. Additionally, gaining the trust of customers has been posing a challenge.”

adire designer                 adire designer

The major source of inspiration of the Adire designer is God, who he says always assures him of his presence and his support. He also made mention of men who surround him and never fail to drop a word of encouragement. Furthermore, Israel draws inspiration from a pink shirt he made for himself; it always gives him confidence when he is considering giving up.

He had quite a number of projects to mention when asked about the projects that he did that made him believe in himself. “The pink shirt I did for myself, which served as my major source of inspiration; designing T-shirts for my platoon for free which made us the winners of the camp carnival; a successful photo shoot carried out in different schools; the work I did for BPOYCAI association (Ogun State cake bakers group) to mark their annual get together; and participating at YEN 2017 as one of the exhibitors are some of the projects that made me believe in myself.”

adire designer                                                            adire designer

Now, he is seeking for the opportunity to conduct training for schools, churches, organizations, communities and the less privileged; have his brand on online market store, trade fairs as well as international exhibitions and to make his brand known globally.

He believes “empowering the youths is another way of making the youths believe in what we are doing or can do, this absolutely make us better and feel someone or some people somewhere actually believe in us. So I believe more could be done as regards to this in order to reduce unemployment. And concerning how the youths in Nigeria can be empowered, I will love to quote this saying from the Bible that says “The gift of a man shall make a way for him” and also “The hand of a man, his work, handwork, shall put food on his table”. So it is also necessary for youths to also help themselves by discovering their gift and putting it to use. This way, they can attract support from different channels. I will advise that a scheme be organized to scout for youths who have skills, ideas and zeal in order to help them grow and the country at large.”

adire designer              adire designer

Connect with him on

WhatsApp: 08168622786


Call: 08168622786

Office: Amubioya Street, Oke-Aro, Ogun State.

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