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Meet Isimi – The Studio Artist


Isimi taiwo, also known as isimism is a studio artist who creates art using different mediums.

Isimi believes he was destined to follow this path. “As a young boy, I seemed to realise drawing was one thing that felt easy to do than any other thing I tried. I was a science student all through secondary school till the university level. My career as an artist really started when I decided to transfer from Mechanical Engineering department to Creative Art department in my final year.

“It was a big leap of faith but God saw me through it even though I wasn’t getting the support I needed from people around me. My experiences through these hard times drove me into expressing my feelings through the movement “hyperrealism” which I have been following since 2011. The decision to either stick with art as a career or get a white collar job was expressed in a painting I did titled “where do I go from here” back in 2011 during my NYSC service year.”

Financial issues are the usual challenges that the studio artist faces. “It’s not easy; money doesn’t come monthly, sometimes it doesn’t come for quite a while. One needs to be prudent as an artist. Buying materials was a challenge at some point, even today it still is because at some point, an artist upgrades his materials or tries new things during his developmental stages.

“Also, I’ve seen artists who say having a creative block is a challenge but I really don’t think I’ve faced that kind of problem as such. My mind keeps churning up different ideas with every experience I encounter every day.”

His experiences fuel his inspiration. “I see what other artists do and I’m motivated to do more. The impact the society has made on me religiously, politically and socially is also a source of inspiration.”

When asked about the project he has done that made him believe in himself, he says, “I remember when I started my painting major in Creative Art and needed money to buy painting materials but didn’t have any. Luckily I was told about an art competition which I participated in and I came out with the first price. This helped me financially and I was able to buy the materials necessary to start my majors. This event even made my parents start believing in me.”

Moving forward, he would like to travel outside the shores of the country so as to see the world, experience a new society and its people. “I feel like there’s a great deal of inspiration for me out there to explore. Such opportunities will also let me share what I have with the world … if only i could travel out.”

“Youth empowerment is necessary,” Imisi believes. “It’s not enough to have a job; one should also have a work, something that keeps your hands busy. More and more youth empowerment programs are coming up and that’s good. The government should really get involved in these programs or establish them.”

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Instagram: isimi_taiwo

Facebook: Isimi Taiwo C.


WhatsApp: 08036202529, 08180097776

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