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Meet Isaac – The Creative


Isaac Sumaina Ikoghode, also known as Sumaisky, is a painter who paints with acrylic & beads and also makes hand painted fashion wears.

“I drew and painted on my own for fun until people around me started requesting to own some of my art pieces so the venture was established.”

Concerning what inspires him, he says, “The inspiration pool for me is constantly changing and evolving. Currently, I draw my inspiration from my clients and the African heritage; the constant need for every individual to stand out drives me towards making unique designs to suit each client’s personality while retaining the endless derivatives of the African theme.”

When asked about a project he did that made him believe in himself, he has this to say, “I tried out a hand-painted hoody line a while back and was very pleased with the outcome of my design. Being manually produced, I only made a few, a dozen to be precise. I did a self photo and posted on Instagram. I was out of stock in a week, with client buying from different parts of the country, some even went on to make personal orders.”

And now, “I wish to start my art clothing brand and organise or take part in an art exhibition where my art pieces can be exhibited, both painting frames as well as clothing. Hence, I am open to take advantage of opportunities of Investment, Exhibition or Publicity.”

Isaac also gave his opinion on youth empowerment. “I personally believe that present day youths are very talented and especially vast in knowledge, thanks to the internet. A lot of us have ideas but lack not only resources but access to or just even the platform to show to the world what we can do.”

“I believe if deserving youths are provided the right resources and access to the right platform, a ripple effect of empowerment will be in play.”

Connect with him via

Instagram: @smky_arts and @smky_shop

Phone number (WhatsApp: 08165217243)

Offline: Benin City, Edo state.

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