Meet Ihuoma the Coconuts Food Entrepreneur - the Spark Youth Empowerment Platform

Meet Ihuoma – The Coconut Foods Entrepreneur


Ihuoma Nina Uche Ukah is a lawyer by training and an entrepreneur by choice.

Meet Ihuoma the Coconuts Food Entrepreneur - the Spark Youth Empowerment Platform

“I am the CEO of N&N Coconut foods. I specialize in the manufacture, sales and distribution of a variety of coconut related foods, like coconut oil, coconut flour, coconut chips, coconut poundo, coconut milk and coconut flakes. I am a result oriented and self motivated young woman, who is continually striving to improve herself and contribute to the society in a positive way.”

Speaking on how she started, she says, “While waiting to finalize plans to further my studies in the legal world, I put my talent and creative mind to test and produced the first set of coconut oil. I started from my kitchen using coconut oil to prepare different food recipes and diys.”

“I shared this with some friends, associates and family. The reviews I got were amazing and overwhelming and this propelled me to venture more into the production of coconut oil, to which I eventually added healthy coconut foods like chips, coconut flour, coconut poundo and coconut flakes.”

“These are healthy foods with maximum health benefits and body restoring qualities. The health benefits of coconut oil can never be over emphasized. I have been getting widespread confirmations on the quality of my coconut products most especially the oil, which is my best seller & the demand for it is high.”

One of the major challenges she has faced so far is that many people are not aware of the benefits of coconuts and its by-products. “Also marketing was initially a challenge but the power of social media and the high networking platform it offers helped me to overcome these initial challenges.”

“People are beginning to gradually warm up to healthy lifestyles and N&N Coconut products are growing in all ramifications. Also the delivery services in Nigeria are frustrating. They make business hard for us. The delivery services are not reliable.”

God is her major source of inspiration and she calls Him her Manager, Brand Promoter and Brand ambassador. “Mother Nature too inspires me a lot … Over the course of time, I have learnt to solve problems through natural means. Coconut oil is a natural kind of oil which protects the heart and lowers the risk of heart disease, controls sugar levels, thyroid problems, weight loss, allergies, skin problems and cancer related problems.”

“I am happy that I am involved in a noble cause and helping people to discover this amazing product that adds flavour, variety and healthy nutrients to their diet and life in general.”

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She had many experiences that increased her confidence in herself. “My products were featured on TVC morning breakfast show and that was a big break for me. We have also been able to support young women by introducing coconut master training classes for them and teaching them how to make it in the coconut field.”

“Coconut is highly acknowledged as a versatile food commodity and can be used in everything, ranging from being part of our daily cuisine to our beauty regimens. Every home needs to be using a coconut product, either as part of food or for skin care.”

“One of the key things I have embarked on recently was expanding my market, taking N&N Coconut foods across the country and globe. We have customers from many parts of the country, including the North. Also we have increased the reach for our products to many parts of Europe and America. Maintaining quality is our key brand identity while ensuring that our customers’ needs are met has made me to believe in myself and the future of N&N Coconut foods.”

Now, she is looking forward to coconut becoming a staple food. “Knowledge about the super food coconut is increasing and enlarging; people are resorting to eating healthy foods. I am looking forward to having N&N coconut foods in use in every home in Nigeria.”

“For instance, the coconut Poundo and flour is rich in fibre and highly nutritious as well. We are looking forward to cater for more people who are considering more healthy non-carbohydrate options, to replace starch in their meals.”

“Coconut water, is the highest source of electrolytes, and the coconut creme can be used to replace the powder milk we commonly use. I am looking forwards to providing more education and enlightenment on the benefits of coconut foods.”

“We hope to participate in more food exhibitions, share quality content on the use of coconut oil to prepare a variety of intercontinental meals and snacking with coconut flakes and chips. We are also open to grants or support to increase the scale of productions.”

“Empowerment is one of the highest contributors to positive change,” she asserts. “This happens when the youth are enabled to contribute to change and equally lead in the process of change, they are encouraged to take charge of their lives and take action to improve their situations.”

“Nigerian youths can be empowered in a number of ways, most especially by creating opportunities for empowerment through schemes (finance, social and moral) and creating an enabling environment for them to thrive and be the best they can be.”

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