natural skincare consultant

Meet Ifeoluwa – The Natural Skincare Consultant


Ifeoluwa Folawiyo is a natural skincare consultant. “Ever wondered how Coconut Oil can improve your Health and Beauty? I am the founder of Tafe Organics; a business enterprise focused on producing high quality Cold Pressed Coconut Oil and Value added Coconut oil products for beauty and wellness. Our products include Handmade Soaps made with all Natural Raw Materials. About 90% of our raw materials are locally sourced.”

natural skincare consultant

Speaking on how she started natural skincare, she says, “I loved to draw as a child and grew up with special love for arts. I later ventured into Makeup Artistry because I loved the fact that I could express my creativity on someone’s face, transforming them into a wow version of themselves. My interest in Organics began when clients would ask me for what they could use to clear blemishes on their face. They wanted a smooth Canvas for their Makeup to glide on and some of them wanted a smooth face because they didn’t want to wear makeup daily. So I made a decision to be part of the sector that provides solutions to these problems. This lead to me acquiring necessary certification in Natural Skincare and, Tafe Organics was born.”

According to the natural skincare consultant,” being a Nigerian comes with many challenges and being a Nigerian Entrepreneur comes with more challenges. At a time, many Nigerians were not interested in using made in Nigeria products but thank God all that is changing. Sourcing for raw materials was also a challenge, but with free flow of information and ease of shipping, doing business is better.”

natural skincare consultant

She draws inspiration from listening to the teachings of Rev. Sam Adeyemi and T.D Jakes, and encouragement from her Husband.

On the project that made her believe in herself, she mentioned her experience as the Vice-president of her CDS (Community Development Service) group called SOHEBA (Society for Hepatitis B and AIDS) during NYSC. “We planned a huge project to sensitize civil servants in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State on Hepatitis B. It seemed impossible but with a great team, we made it happen and it was a huge success. From then on, I believed that there is nothing you can’t achieve with the right idea, team and tools.”

Now, Ifeoluwa hopes for the opportunity to export her products across Africa and outside Africa.

natural skincare consultant

Youth Empowerment, she believes, is the future of the country. “Our country is presently going through a phase and youths need not wait for the government, but seek for information on the least ways they can create solutions to problems in our environment.”

She can be reached via;

Instagram: @Tafe_organics

Facebook: @Tafeorganicrack

WhatsApp: 08024558959

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