Meet Ifeoluwa – The Fine Artist


Ifeoluwa Oluwaseun Ogundiran is a fine artist.

“I’ve always been able to drawn though I kept dropping it and picking it up again, and I mostly drew animated characters. I decided to pick it up again late 2016 but didn’t fully get into portraiture until October 2017,” she says when asked about how she started.

The challenge she has faced majorly is the low perception of artist. “When I tell people I’m an artist, they go “full time?” or “is that all you do?” At one point, I began to wonder to myself if being an artist is enough or if I need more to satisfy people. But thanks to the encouragement of the people around me, I overcame that and my art is everything to me now. Also, I don’t know if I would call this a challenge, but it’s easy to get into a funk when you go on social media like on Instagram and Twitter and you see these amazing artists and what they can do, you get overwhelmed and start to think you’re not good enough. What these artists have in common is experience though, most have been drawing for years, if not decades, so I’ve learned to stop comparing myself or my work with others. The thing about being an artist is if you keep at it, with time and patience you will get to that level.”

She draws inspiration from all around her; “my family and friends, fellow artists and most importantly from God.”

The piece she did that really boosted her self confidence was that of a young boy bathing. “When I first started on that piece, many things went awry. The surface of the paper got damaged a bit and this discouraged me from proceeding with the piece for a few weeks. One thing about me though is that I like to finish what I start, so with that mindset, I proceeded and the piece turned out amazing. Ever since, I’ve drawn pieces with the same theme, each better than the last.”

For the future, “I would love to be involved in exhibitions where I could show my works and meet other artists. I would love to create my own website, get more commissions and even display my works outside the country.”

The Fine Artist believes youth empowerment is vital to how we as Youths step into the future. “Nigerian youths need to help one another in order to help themselves; I believe more of our Youths need to step into governing in Nigeria. Skill acquisition is also a good idea when it comes to empowerment. We need more businesses owned and controlled by Youths, working together to help build and develop communities.”

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