Meet Herly – The Footwear Designer


Halimatu Sadiya Abubakar, popularly known as Herly, is a shoe designer that outlines and sells handmade footwear.


Speaking on how she started, she says, “I became ardently absorbed into the interest of making shoes right from my primary school days because I love shoes, and that has made me subconsciously look at every person’s feet I meet every day. And with that, I got a true interest into making my own shoes.”


The shoe designer admitted to have faced a lot of challenges. “Challenges are key ingredients to making a business grow successfully. Such challenges include financial instability, invites into competition and many more.”

On what gives her inspiration, she says, “I was inspired by Allah through Maryam bambale, the CEO of Rymba’s Galore.”


Making shoes for a good number of the people and the kind of feedback she gets is serves as a confidence-booster for her. “I started making shoes for myself, my siblings, and the neighbourhood and now I have made shoes for a minister, senator’s wives and many more respected people. The compliments I got from them has encouraged me and made me believed in myself.”


She believes youth empowerment is very important and should be taken serious by any serious government because it eventually leads to economic growth.

Reach her on

Instagram: shoes_by_herly

Facebook: shoes_by_herly

WhatsApp or Call: 08022247607



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