Meet Hameedah – The Gift Consultant


Hameedah Yunus Hussain source for souvenirs and sell unique household/kitchen items.

For her, her business was a passion that turned to a career. “I love viewing kitchen items. I graduated from university and after I was done with NYSC, there was no job. After my wedding, I was home with nothing to do, so I just thought of starting a souvenir business since I love viewing household items and I could also get an income whilst selling the items. That was how Hamee’s gifts came to life.”

She mentioned several challenges that she has been facing since she started.  “I have experienced a number of challenges since I started my business. One of the challenges I have faced is capital; I started as a drop shipper, it wasn’t easy though but I had to keep going. I still need capital to buy stocks. Another limitation is accounting and book keeping. When I started, I wasn’t a good book keeper but I am improving now. Thirdly, marketing has proved to be an issue as well. Reaching out to the public is difficult since I started hamee’s gifts as an online business. I need to establish a physical relationship with people to create awareness about my brand. If I don’t post on social media for a day, it means there will be no sales for that day.”

The desire to get out of poverty is her inspiration.


Taking Hamee’s gifts from just an online store to a physical store was a project that increased her confidence in herself. “T here was a time I posted on Facebook though I wasn’t expecting much response and I didn’t. That evening, I got a text requesting for my shop and ordering a product. The lady wanted 100 pieces of a particular serving dish, the deal was sealed, payment made and dishes supplied. I got another call from Ilorin, requesting for 30pieces of those same serving dishes. I was amazed, that was when I told myself, “keep going, the road might be rough at some point but it will get better. More grease to your elbow”. That was the moment I believed.”

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Now, she is seeking for the opportunity to meet a group of people she can introduce this business to.

On youth empowerment, she says, “Nigerian youths can be empowered by bringing a productive passion to life by providing capital, trainings and mentorship.”

Connect with her via

Email: hameesgifts@yahoo.com

Instagram: @hameesgifts

Facebook: hamee’s gifts

Jiji.ng: hamee’s gifts

WhatsApp: 07068838254

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