Meet Gift – The Natural Hair Consultant


Gift Wuby Owen, also known as Kinkywuby, is the CEO of Hairvolution, a natural hair salon and a national healthcare and product brand based in Abuja, Nigeria.

Talking about how she started, she says, “I am a trained lawyer. While still doing my LLB program, I decided to go natural with my hair because I was tired of chemical burns and damage from relaxer usage. At the time, there were no natural hair stylist and no good products around. So I became my own stylist and began to make my own products through extensive research. My passion grew by the day and after I was called to bar, I decided to start my own company in order to help other women on their natural hair journey.”

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The major challenge she has faced has to do with finding the right employees and also the cost of running a business in the country. “The major challenge I have faced is one, finding trusted and capable hands to employ. Most of them decide they know enough and leave once they have been trained. Secondly, the high cost of running a business in Nigeria can pose a problem. The cost of material and the amount spent on electricity affects the profit margin.”

One of Gift’s earliest inspirations was Jannelle Monae, the American musician. “I love how beautiful her hair always looked. Also, I admire the hair of Uzo Aduba and Chimamanda Adichie. I dream of an opportunity to style their hair someday.

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Speaking on the project that made her believe in herself, she says she was able to grow her hair as well as that of others from their previous damaged state to thick and healthy. She also said that she has been able to help cases of severe damage, like a client that suffered Alopecia due to chemotherapy. All these make her know the sky is the limit.

Now, she is hoping for investment in order to expand the business because she feels that due to funding constraints, she is performing below par.

Youth empowerment, to her, “is very crucial because the future depends on it. First of all, the government should create a favourable environment for businesses to thrive, the young people of Nigeria are very enterprising, all they need is support. If more opportunities are given to young people, I believe we can rewrite our story as a nation, and as a continent at large.”

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Instagram/Twitter: kinkywuby

Facebook page: @hairvolutionnaturals


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