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Meet Genesis – The PR Strategist


Genesis Akpoloyowa Odosamawmen, also known as Gendgreat, is a PR Strategist.

“I create, I support, I inspire and develop talents with skills that have been honed with passion and dedicated service to ultimate artistry.”

Speaking on how he started, Genesis says, “I was a 200 level computer science student when I turned 21. On my birthday,  I realized that I really had nothing going for me and it was around that time that the fantasy of graduating with first class in a failed system of education and getting a job in a country with a large number of  unemployed graduates was slowly ebbing away.”

“My parents are well to do but I wanted to have my own thing. I wanted to build my own legacy.
At the time I was in a makeshift band that consisted almost entirely of my roommates in the hostel.”

“So a thought came to mind, there are a bunch of talented people in my room but there is no platform for them to be heard by the rest of the world. I had found a problem.”

“There was talent in excess, but there was no spotlight. I wanted to change that. So I set about creating that platform. At the initial stage, I got my closest friends in on the idea. The night I decided to do this, I didn’t sleep till 2 am.”

“I created our first logo at the time (I had an amateur knowledge of Corel draw) and called the company GBOLT MEDIA. Gbolt was my nickname then so it wasn’t really hard.”

“The first thing was to build a reputation as a PR brand. So in my little world, encased in the University of Benin, I started taking interviews of popular people in the school ranging from artistes to young entrepreneurs.”

“During the course of building the reputation of the brand, I started recruiting talents across the wide entertainment spectrum; artistes, photographers, writers, and models.”

“And we kept going at it but as it is with all entrepreneurial endeavours, I didn’t get it the first time. So I had to regroup Change my strategy and let some people walk away. That’s how we started, it wasn’t smooth but I learnt a great deal.”

The PR strategist mentioned that he is inspired by what the future holds.

“The fact that when my classmates are through with school (I am currently in my finals) they wouldn’t have to look for Jobs because Gbolt Media would be big enough to accommodate them is a huge motivation.”

“I also draw inspiration from the thrill of challenging the norms in the entertainment industry. You see, until recently, our music has been questionable at times and our talents that have a certain foreign flavour is not as appreciated as our local content. The challenge of changing the mindset of the industry to broaden its spectrum is to me an inspirational aphrodisiac.”

Organizing and perfecting a reputable branch of their PR base that runs on WhatsApp is a project that made him believe in himself.

“WhatsApp is currently the most engaged social media platform on the planet. Monetizing WhatsApp has always been a pet project for Mark Zuckerberg. I’d like to say that we were one of the persons to actually achieve that. The Whatsapp Branch of Our publicity has made a turnover of about 300% in revenue.”

“We started charging at about #1,500 but now rake in between #10,000 to #50,000 per client and our total reach which was at 5,000 persons, in the beginning, is now at #150,000 and rapidly increasing. If we could achieve this, I believe we can achieve anything we set our mind to.”

And now, “I am always on the lookout for companies that have not tapped into this media for publicity and give them more value for their money.”

“I am also open to Collaborations with other PR brands that are quite capable of creating a presence for any brand or company in the Benin Metropolis.”

“Again, I am always on the lookout for grants, business consultations, and forums where I can connect and network with fellow entrepreneurs. I am also always looking for opportunities to rub minds with the moguls and people that are ahead of me.”

Genesis believes youth empowerment is now a political term in Nigeria. “In the real sense, youth empowerment should be seen as an investment.  I feel that the average Nigerian youth can only be empowered by another youth.”

“Think about it. Everybody cannot be an entrepreneur, some people are designed to be bosses and make decisions, and others are to execute those decisions. Both are equally important and none can exist without the other.”

“I would suggest that funding those businesses that would need a pipeline to operate. Businesses like innovative delivery services, local foodstuffs that can be retailed, services that require labour, factories etc, fall into this category.”

“With these businesses given a boost in their capital or scale, the average Nigerian youth would have a typical 9 – 5 job.”

“Also our manufacturing industry needs to be developed; textile, steel, mining, sawmills, etc. These segments would always need blue collar workers. If we can get them up and running, we would have more youths making money, fewer hoodlums on the street, which would mean a safe environment for external investors to set up shop and clean up the rest of the labour market.”

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