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Meet Funke – The Diversified Entrepreneur


Funke Caroline Afolabomi, also known as God’s Delight, is a diversified entrepreneur. She is a Pharmacy Technician, Baker/Caterer, fashion designer, makes braided wigs and Autogele and also into buying and selling.

On how she started, she asserted that she has always been independent and so that prompted her journey into entrepreneurship. “Right my childhood, I am the independent type, I don’t like depending on anyone to survive. I decided to go fully into entrepreneurship few months after I resigned from my first job.”

diversified entrepreneur           diversified entrepreneur

Funke’s major challenge is combining being an entrepreneur with being employed. “They are days I don’t get to sleep in 24 hours because I need to meet up with orders.” She also mentioned distance as a limitation to some customers. “Secondly, dealing with online customers outside Lagos. I accept payment before delivery outside Lagos and for some, part payment before delivery in Lagos. It is usually difficult to convince customers to go with this option. But I understand them because the rate of cyber crime these day is very high.”

Her first source of inspiration is God Almighty, then her immediate family, “Olalekan Michael, Mrs Omolola Branco, Mrs Odeyale and Mrs Olatunde Oni. These people have been a major push for me in business world.”

diversified entrepreneur                                                          diversified entrepreneur

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Talking about the project that made her believe in herself, she mentioned the contract she got from the US and Ghana to supply Autogele in bulk. And the feedback was satisfactory.

Still, Funke is looking forward to the opportunity of an advance class in buttercream/fondant icing, moulding/sculpting and cake painting.

Speaking on youth empowerment, she appeals, “I humbly request that the present administration at all levels should invest more in youth empowerment and I will also like to encourage the youths to take charge of their lives. We don’t even have to wait for the government to empower us, it is high time we discover ourselves and use our passion/talent for good. Lastly, I will the youths to participate in any youth empowerment programs near you, they are various youth empowerment programs around and most of them are beneficial.”

diversified entrepreneur             diversified entrepreneur

Contact her via;

Facebook: Oluwafunmike Afolabomi
Instagram: @folab_mart
Mobile Numbers: 08186792262/08068263629

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