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Meet Folawunmi – The Aso-Ebi Consultant


Folawunmi Adelusi is an Aso-Ebi Consultant.

“I help take aso-ebi burden off celebrant’s neck, likewise avoiding people owing them aso-ebi money. My clients give me their specification in terms of aso-ebi colour, gender, fabric type, budget and many more; I then survey to match the specification using my money as the fund and selling directly to the aso-ebi buyers.

Folawunmi started from selling fabrics and shopping fabrics for people.

“Inspiration came when a friend (intending bride) got so lean as a result of aso-ebi stress, then I thought someone should be able to bail celebrants out.”

On a project she did that increased her believe in her craft, “I recently handled aso-ebi for a wedding, despite the challenges of unforeseen population demanding for the clothes, the service still ended successfully.”

And now, she is seeking for further opportunities to handle aso-ebi for an occasion involving thousands of buyers.”

Concerning youth empowerment, she believes, “Before you empower youths, their area of interest needs to be considered, this area of interest can’t be known by mere asking but by observance.”

“Some youth might feel fashion industry is yielding money and once they are empowered in that area, they might not be able to sustain themselves because the interest is not there, they were caught up by the reward.”

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WhatsApp: +2348185764005
Phone Number:+2348185764005
Instagram: Casual_Corporate

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