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Meet Feyisayo – The Filmmaker


Feyisayo Anjorin is a Filmmaker and a Writer.

“I started writing from my pre-teen years, I fell in love with stories as a child, illustrated story books and cartoons. The love grew as years went by, and I wanted to create my own narrative universe and I wanted my stories to come to life on screen. The rest, as they, is history.”

He had this to say when asked about his source of inspiration, “Inspiration comes from the beautiful things God made, sometimes it comes from the books I’ve read, or from a conversation, or from music. For me inspiration is like the wind, it is a mystery, it is godly.”

The drama presentations and productions he has done before increased his confidence in his craft. “When I was in secondary school, I used to take my friends to a nearby bush to rehearse drama pieces which we would then perform for other pupils. I also wrote for church drama productions. I know those things helped my confidence.”

Now, “I look forward to writing great movie scripts, I think the thing that is lacking in our film industry is quality scripts. If you want an engaging and professional movie script, you really need to talk to me.”

Feyisayo also gave his opinion on youth empowerment. “The way to empowerment is quality education and a vibrant industrial sector. The very first step to empowering the youths is fixing the power sector so that budding entrepreneurs would not be burdened by NEPA bills (I wonder what they are called these days) and the cost of fuelling generators.”

Reach him on

Twitter: @FeyisayoAnjorin

Instagram: @feyisayoanjorin

YouTube: @feyisayoanjorin


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