Meet Yewande – The Media Publicist on Merchandise


Fatowore Yewande is an entrepreneur who runs her outfit, StockHub Nigeria Limited, a multi-faceted company with Media Publicity, Handcraft and Merchandise as her forte. Currently the most visible is the “Handcraft division -StockHub Crafts(SHC) which caters to the needs of fashion lovers through handmade bags, footwears and other fashion accessories.” she said.


In 2013, Yewande left her first job “out of frustration and decided to get some training on bag making while going for job interviews. Finally a new job came through and I started making bags as a ‘side’ business. In June 2015, I decides to leave my job and focus on business full-time as it starred getting difficult combining both. That’s when I registered my company and kicked off fully.”


Finding the right people to work with has been a challenge for the entrepreneur who has been working alone for 2 years,”now I’m at a point where I need to get more hands on board and finding the right people for the job has been a bit of a challenge. Funding has been a little challenging as well as I’m at a point where I want to do so much more but getting enough funds to go all out has been really easy”.

Back in her University days, being at the helm of a Poetry club that would perform at school and chapel functions was a project that helped groomed Yewande’s confidence and leadership skill, “I know for sure that played a major role in my acceptance of my person and abilities” she said.


On her source of inspiration, she said, “Most times just by looking at fabric and leather materials I can create a picture of what I want a bag to look like with those materials.. So a lot of times when I go sourcing I’m not even sure what I want to create before going to the market but from all the looking around, ideas begin to form and I’ll take stops to sketch something out so I don’t forget.  Also, my husband is a really creative person, we discuss my ideas a lot before I even create, so that inspires me to want to make a product good enough to wow him”.


Sustainable partnerships with other craftsmen especially in areas she haven’t yet explored is an opportunity the entrepreneur is looking to take advantage “as I really see myself doing so much more than I do now really soon.”


“I think the youths need to understand that its very profitable to have a source of income you can control..Learn something…Get a skill..not necessarily handcraft but find where your passion lies and develop it in such a way that it can generate income. 9-5 jobs are wonderful especially when you have a fat salary but there’s more joy when you have another source of income, especially one you are in control of. There’s some peace of mind and fulfillment that comes with it.” she said on how the Nigerian youth can be empowered.


Connect with her on Instagram – @stockhubng

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