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Meet Ezinne – The Craft Maker


Ezinne Chelsea Kevin, also known as Potential Zinny, is a Craft Maker. “I create and recreate bags, shoes, earrings, neckpiece and bangles with Ankara fabrics. I also make beads of all designs.”

When asked about how she started, “I am creative in nature and I was hungry of bringing my creativity into limelight when I sew this opportunity I ceased it.”

According to her, her challenges so far was the fear of satisfying her customers. “But through it all, I always finish well.”

She said she draws her inspirations from the Holy Spirit. “Whenever I face challenges, I just pray and ask for directions and that settles it.”


She talked about her first project when she was speaking of the project that made her believe in herself. “My first project was my beading making and all the customers that I worked for referred me to their friends. Another project I can mention is the bag project I have at hand, the designs are so lovely and I can’t wait to finish.”


Now, “I am open to opportunities where I can boast my knowledge in craft making and better equipments to make the work easier and better.”

“Youth Empowerment is great and I strongly encourage it,” the craft maker says.”I believe Nigerian youths can be empowered through skill acquisitions and for those who wish to acquire education but can’t afford it, funds can be raised for them.”

Connect with her via

Contact: 07063792425, 08089624774.

Instagram: @zinnyk_styleworld

Facebook: Ezinne Chelsea Kevin.

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