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Adewunmi Ezekiel Oluwatosin, also known as Haxoring, is an techpreneur.

“I started as a street hustler. After my senior secondary school there was no hope I could obtain a university degree.  I struggled to find myself a street job where I sold out my skills as services.”

“Through this, I earned some money to  buy myself a laptop, with which I learnt and taught myself more  about object oriented programming and I also read books about being an entrepreneur.  I programmed my first software product on the 21st, October, 2013. So far, I have developed the idea to be more than just an entertainment app.”

“The software product can help its user to create and organize corporate event with ease. Using the event management features which focus on corporate customer. Specializing in leadership development, teaming skills training and product launch event, my competitive edge is based on strategic relationship and specialization.”

“I’m now on my journey of a thousand miles hoping to get funded for business startup to launch my app.”

Speaking on what inspires him, Ezekiel says, “I draw inspiration from music. I’m so inspired by David Adeleke (Davido). After watching the music video of SKELEWU, I started seeing vision of a mobile web application in line of entertainment and event, and that’s how I discovered my invention for SKELEWU SKIT MOBILE APP.  Music happens to be my source of inspiration.”

The techpreneur started believing in himself when his app was put on Google play store. “That breakthrough brought a lot of clients my way for web and app design.  The major highlight was when one event company gave me a project to do for them after when they saw my app. I knew then that I was on my way to greatness.”

Now, I’m looking for an opportunity to meet with investors that will believe in my dream and vision.

Ezekiel doesn’t believe youth empowerment is limited to financial support, he is of the opinion that is should involve mentorship and emotional support.

“I think Nigerian youths can be empowered if our leaders provide businesses with business grant, more hub space for learning, vocational centres across the nation and generally investing in leadership development.

Reach him via

Instagram: @skwnapp @ccchubspace @tpgvteam @skwnapp

WhatsApp: 0703 969 7681

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