Ewaoluwa Femi-Ajala

Meet Ewaoluwa – The Events Planner


Ewaoluwa Femi-Ajala is the founder of Ewasconcept Event Services, an Events company in Lagos. As a very industrious young lady, her passion and desire helped her get started on her present career path.

As an entrepreneur looking to grow a thriving business, one major challenge she faced was discouragement due to low patronage. Also, getting the right team members for specific tasks also posed a problem early on.

When asked about her source of inspiration, she stated, “From God, Parents and few others like my Pastor. I’ve learnt from great men and women around that it takes discipline, determination and a great support team to help push your business up.”

From her University days, she was involved in a dance group which helped her get out of her comfort zone. She’d sell tickets for every show and this really helped her talk to people more. This was the foundation that helped her start her cake business in school which developed into an events company after graduation.

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Ewaoluwa Femi-Ajala

To further her business and move it to greater heights, Ewaoluwa is on the lookout for investors who believe in her dream as well as cash grants.

She believes youth empowerment is a great project. However, our leaders also need to be good role models. According to her, “we need to know that righteousness pays in all our dealings.”

You can connect with Ewaoluwa on social media through Instagram: @ewasconcept  or her website: www.ewasconcept.com

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