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Meet Ernest – The Serial Entrepreneur


Ernest Onyeukwu Onyeije is a dancer, a content marketer and a sound engineer.

He started his career in all three while he was in school. He realised quickly that he wanted to help himself and not join the multitude of job seekers after school. And that was what spurred his decision.

“I draw my inspiration from the struggles of my parents and from the wisdom of elderly friends and relatives.”

One project he did that made him believe in his skills was working on sound for his fellowship. “I was called upon by my campus fellowship to run a sound check for an event they hosted. Till the end of the program, there were no hiccups and the sound was just great. That really motivated me and increased my belief in what I could achieve if I pressed on.”

Moving forward, he is seeking for opportunities to start-up his content marketing initiative.

Ernest believes youth empowerment is first about believing in the youthful strength of the youths and having the zeal to help the needy no matter how little it can be.

Reach him on

Facebook: Onyeije Ernest

Twitter: @OnyeijeErnest

Instagram: @ernestonyeije

Phone No: 08123434249

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