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Meet Eniolamide – The Venue Stylist


Eniolamide Oluwafunmi Jinadu is an event planner/venue stylist/event decorator; she designs party venues, source for vendors and coordinate events. She is also an interior decorator.


On how she started, she says she is “a natural organizer and loves turning empty or bare spaces into somewhere beautiful, so after my NYSC in 2013, I decided to go into event planning and decorations. I did a six months training with Tilesh Creations then launched out on my own in 2015.”

The greatest challenge she has faced so far is funding. “Decoration happens to be a very capital intensive business, and without the required capital, it Is very difficult for the brand to gain recognition.”


Talking about the project she did that increased her confidence in her skill, she mentioned her first decoration job. “A friend decided she wanted me to decorate her wedding venue. The trust she had in me and my abilities was what spurred me on to take the job. I was faced with the task of coordinating over 8 staff. Sourcing for materials was even more challenging because everybody thought I was making huge money from the job and inflated the prices of theri materials. In spite of all, the wedding was a success and I got other jobs through the family.


Eniola is hoping for capital support in order to acquire much needed materials.

She is also gave her opinion on youth empowerment. “Nigeria is filled with people who have one skill or the other, and if properly empowered, they will help contribute to the development of the country. I have trained and am still training a lot of youths, and with proper funding, we can do more. That means, youths will no longer wait for government or private companies to provide jobs. This could actually help shape the career paths of youths because they will begin to go to tertiary institutions with a clear and defined vision of what they want to be in the future, and there will be internship opportunities to help  further their careers.”


Connect with her via

Instagram: @cestjolieevents


Phone number: 07037847045

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