Meet Eniola Stella – The Model


Eniola Stella-Maris Olanrewaju, also known as Korty is a Model. She is also a Visual Artist, makes Graphic designs, Artworks and wants to practice film-making as a full time career.

She started modelling when her agency (Few models) discovered her on the streets of Lagos and trained her into becoming a good model.


The challenge she faced at first was acclimating to modelling. “Being very new to the modelling industry, I wasn’t very exposed to the way a lot of things worked. I was like a fish in a jungle of Lions; not getting my walk right, not getting my expressions right, sometimes even being too dark for certain designers. But I realized that wasn’t really discrimination, it was just what perhaps suited the designer’s theme at that moment. The greatest challenge for me was lack of exposure.”

The model draws inspiration from God and music. “I’d say God, but the thing is God gave me these gifts, he is the Gift In itself. I just follow what He does. All the inspiration I need is God. I also get inspiration from music and a tidy and preferably quiet environment.”

The project that made her believe in herself was modelling for Lisa Folawiyo. “Having the shoot with Lisa Folawiyo for their SS18 collection was very humbling. It’s one thing for your agency to constantly encourage and develop you, it’s another thing to see that you can represent your agency well, especially when the people you’re working with can see something in you that you are struggling to see in yourself. It is a blissful feeling. The whole Lisa Folawiyo team were so kind and emitted some form of happiness that kept us all going even during difficult times.

Right now, Eniola is just taking it one day at a time. “To be honest, I’m not thinking too much about opportunities, even though I should. But I feel like as regards modelling, for me, what will be will be. Modelling is not a passion I have always had but I’m working towards being better every day. So in all fairness I’m really just following whatever path modelling takes me.”

She believes “a lot of youths already are empowered, maybe even without realizing it. We go for a lot of conferences, seminars on youth empowerment where they teach us to be leaders, teach us how to make money from our talents and so on. I personally don’t think everyone is meant to be a leader.”


“What they should also be teaching is how to even find your gift, how to use our gift or talent to help ourselves then help people from it, how to help us understand that it’s okay to express yourself in a world where ‘being older equates to being wiser.’ They shouldn’t teach us that everyone is born to lead because that is a lie, some people are meant to make a big impact from behind the scenes.”

“Once you establish and understand why you’re on earth in the first place, a lot of things fall in line. As a matter of fact, a lot of youths have the notion of leaving school and starting their own businesses forgetting that they haven’t learned anything about business management. Some people were born to do business; others nurture it while some just shouldn’t be entrepreneurs.”

“It’s important to find yourself before anything else. They don’t teach all these well enough. Therefore the idea of youth empowerment in my country is very flawed. We also do not have a lot of people to look up to, disregarding our government, we have people like Wizkid and Davido which is why the music industry is so packed right now because people want to reach the height these people have reached and probably even more because they feel like they can do better if given the opportunity.”

“We have a very minute number of extra successful youths, so the few we have we hold on to them dearly. I’m looking to being an example of an extra successful youth, and create a lot more youths whose success would motivate other youths.”

You can reach her on

Instagram: Twitter, Snapchat: @korty_eo



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