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Meet Emmanuel – The Budding Photographer


Adelani Ayodeji Emmanuel, also known as Geminus, is a Photographer.

When asked about how he started, he says, “After serving as an apprentice to an expert photographer for two years, I discovered I have a hidden talent of being a prolific photographer. That was all the motivation I needed to walk this career path.

He draws inspiration from a Photographer called Alade Photo.

Talking what further cemented his belief that this what he was meant to do, he mentioned taking pictures with some friends when he went for a program in his church and the ones he took were singled out by everybody. The acknowledgement he got from the people who saw the pictures further convinced him of his skills.

And now, he is looking for financial empowerment that will enable him bring his dream into reality.

Concerning youth empowerment, Emmanuel believes that the government and private entities should make the empowerment of the youths a priority because the youths are the future. He suggests that skill acquisition programs and grants or loans will go a long way in empowering Nigerian youths.

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