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Meet Emmanuel – The Brand Designer


Emmanuel Nwankwo is a brand designer, who started his career when he attended design school in 2013.

Emmanuel draws inspiration from nature. “I love to mix the abstractions on nature when I work.”

When asked about a project that made him believe in himself, he had this to say, “In 2017, I designed a billboard for Ajegunle Fashion and Design Week (AJFDW) and I rebranded them also.”

Moving forward, he is open to meeting with foreign creative minds and to travel round the world also.

The brand designer asserts that programs empowering youths were not really common when he was growing up. “But presently, I believe it’s a way to make youth connect with their vision.”

We are in the digital age, I believe both governmental and non-governmental organisations should harness the opportunities in the digital world when empowering the youths. It is not enough to empower, if we want our country to grow, then we need visionary empowerment that can look into the future and bring up ideas that would serve this country in 10 years time. I believe the youths of the country are willing, they just lack help and support. If help is provided, we would see the heights Nigerian youths would cover.”

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