Meet Emily – The Dynamic Photographer


Emily Oluwatobi Nkanga A.K.A The Nkanga is a music, portrait and documentary photographer.

Since her high school days, Nkanga has always liked to document what was going on around her, and tell stories; she described her act as ‘preserving memories.’

“It felt like such a necessity to me that I got into trouble for it a few times. I suppose it then makes sense that a chose a path that would groom me to do so by studying Communication and Multimedia design (TV/Film) in the university.” 

Nkanga’s biggest challenges are balancing the business and creative parts of her work, as well as photographing women.

She gets her inspiration from people around her, her immediate society and works of people she admires. She also seeks the opportunity to photograph three of the people she admires most.

Like a true photographer, after admiration comes criticism. When asked about which her most passionate project is she said,

“I feel this way about most of my work but the feeling only lasts for so long, because soon after I begin to critic my work and I think of ways to make them better.”

The topic of youth empowerment is one Nkanga feel strongly about as she herself falls under the category of ‘youths’

“Youth empowerment is something that is close to my heart, being that I, myself, am a youth. The Nigerian youth need to be encouraged rather than dismissed when they propose ideas. We, as youth, need to realize that these are the best years of our lives and we can’t just waste them. We need to find ourselves, hone our talents, broaden our horizons and be fearless in showing the world what we have to offer, no matter how outlandish they might seem. There is so much to accomplish and we can’t let age, gender, or “societal cages” deter us from being our best selves.”

You can connect with Nkanga via the channels listed below:

Instagram: @emilynkanga, @clicksandtones

Twitter: @emilynkanga


Facebook: Emily Nkanga Photography, Clicks & Tones.


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