Meet Elizabeth – The Visual Artist


Elizabeth Chioma Ekpetorson, also known as Eleez, is a visual artist, specialising in drawing and painting.

Unseen Emotions

As usual, she discovered the love for art right from childhood. “I would say my present career started off from childhood, when I first noticed my passion and talent for drawing, I just knew I would derive the most joy from following the creative path. It all became clearer to me that I was on the right path during my industrial training in Lagos, I saw the vast nature of the Art industry and that contrary to some people’s opinion, there is money in the industry.”

The visual artist admitted to some of the challenges she has faced so far. “Well the challenges I have faced so far have been in terms of availability of materials. As a young artist, there are times I need to explore on some materials, but due to unavailability of such material at that point or low funds to get such materials, I had to postpone such exploration to another time, and sometimes, I end up not doing it anymore.”

She draws her inspiration from humans.

The Scream

Speaking on a project she engaged in that increased her belief in herself, she says, “I have engaged in variety of projects, but the one which really made me believe in myself was the One Draw workshop of November 2016. It made me believe in my draughtsmanship as a major strength in my art life.”

Moving forward, “I am open to opportunities that will showcase my art on a global scale, and also opportunities to acquire my knowledge in my practice, mostly international exhibitions, workshops and residencies.”

Elizabeth believes we the youth have the capacity to empower ourselves. “The youths make up a majority of the population of Nigeria, so we can’t talk of the society without talking of the youths. So I believe we the youths should empower ourselves.”

Find her on

Instagram: @Ekpetorson.Eleez

Facebook: Ekpetorson Eleez

Twitter: @EEkpetorson


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