Meet Donald – The Teacher & IT Entrepreneur


Akapo Donald Oluwaseyitan is a teacher at heart and by profession. He also owns a company which teaches people (majorly students) how to code.

Donald’s belief that coding is the future is what got him started on his career path.

“Coding is changing the future; the basic things needed to build a billion dollar company today is just a laptop and an idea. So teaching the skill to give more people a fighting chance just seemed a good way to go.”

In the course of trying to impart knowledge, Donald has hit some stumbling blocks.

“Finance is always an issue but I’ll add being invited to the round table were real stuff are discussed. You have to pay your dues a bit before it goes from people with the right contacts saying ‘cute idea’ to them actually becoming backers (not necessarily financially)”

Being a man of strong faith, Donald gets his inspiration from reading various books – the first of which is the Holy Bible.

“Steve Jobs, My Life and Work by Henry Ford, The Art of the deal also keep me going”

Although his first major project didn’t exactly work out the way he wanted it to, he was convinced that he was threading the right path just by getting people excited and to believe in him.

When asked about what opportunities he is looking to explore he said,

“Animation… It hasn’t been tapped into in Nigeria yet. Quality Animation with Nigerian stories as a Web series and ultimately as a major film would do extremely well. I’m looking to get into that and creating more applications.”

Donald believes the skill acquisition is vital to achieving youth empowerment in Nigeria.

“Youth empowerment is key. Any society where the youths are idle is begging for trouble. I believe more incentives should be offered at school level to students.

We also need to focus on skill acquisition and to ensure that the tools needed are affordable to the youths. Skills like coding, animation, farming etc.

We need to start producing our own Zuckerberg’s. Invest in young people’s ideas, you would be surprised the kind of solutions they’ll come up with.

Lastly, we import everything, that would only change when we start creating a lot of quality products”.

You can connect with Donald via Twitter @realdonaldakapo or Instagram @doncorleon_e


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