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Meet Dominic – The Digital Entrepreneur


Orowua Dominic Ortsega is a Digital Entrepreneur. He is the CEO of a start-up firm providing services including; web designing, management and maintenance, Graphic Design and Branding, Digital Marketing, Email and web Hosting, Computer training.

When asked about how he started, he had this say, “due to my passion for technology, even as a kid, I could conveniently dismantle and couple back a computer system, even though I didn’t plan to study the field in the higher institution. All efforts to divert failed, I ended up studying information technology, and during my days as a student I derived fulfilment in carrying out task conveniently. As at that time, survival was a problem due to the loss of the bread winner of my family. The need to survive made me realise that I could use my skills to derive income and solve problems as well, and no amount of jobs I could ever get will meet up my aspirations in life. This realisation brought me to where I am at this very moment.”

His major challenge is finance. “My major challenge has always been finance. I have been unable to accomplish certain projects due to lack of funds. Also, I haven’t been able to secure a good office place and training centre for this same reason. With finance, other facilities required will be put in place.”

The Digital Entrepreneur draws inspiration from his desire to be successful and impact life in the process.

Speaking on the project that increased his belief in himself, he says, “I recently organized a Two-days tech exposition event in Taraba State where students in related fields were exposed to relevant technological knowledge to help mould them as students in that field. Even though finance was an issue, I leveraged on networks with the Ministry of Science and Technology of Taraba state and the ICT/Education Community Development Group and also an IT Firm for resources to make this event a success.”

Now, he is currently looking for “an opportunity to secure a grant/ loan to help set the training centre and office space and also carry out intending projects that will help the host community and the business as well. In short if I could secure a loan of Two Million Naira, my start-up venture will start soaring.”

On youth empowerment, he explains that “Youth Empowerment is a scheme that will help the youths to secure either a skill or funds that will enable them become useful to themselves and their community. If the right form of information and training as well as funds is targeted at those who have the urge to succeed and to impact life, then we can be assured that it is youth empowerment. In summary Nigerian Youths can be empowered if resources (either intellectual or financially) that will uplift them, or help achieve that dream are targeted at the right individuals; by right individuals I mean those that posses the urge or zeal to succeed or impact life.”

Reach him on

All social media pages: Orowua dominic Ortsega

His business page on Facebook and Instagram: @Djemtechsystems

Twitter: @djemtechsystems

Email: or

Phone Numbers: 08168332365 or 08138662767


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  1. Oluwatomisin

    Yaaaay, Dominic is one of the most driven people I know, he knows what he wants and is not scared to go for it, I wish you good success because you deserve every bit of it.

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