Meet Daniel – The Public Relations Expert


Daniel Ebitunmise Oluwasegun a.k.a Mr Tunmise is a digital PR expert who in the next few years dreams of becoming an integrated brand communications expert.

Mr Tunmise started this practice while he was in school.

“A passion for social media sparked in me then I noticed people monetized their time and content on social media so I began my research and from my third year in the university I started monetizing my time on social media and I began to see prospects in pursuing a full time career in public relations/digital marketing. So far I’ve been opportuned to work on big and small campaigns as a social media influencer. The highlight for me was working on the Buhari presidential campaign on social media. I’ve also worked for other major brands like Intel, Microsoft, Slot, and Ovaltine to mention a few.”

During his NYSC year, Tunmise interned at Red Media (YNaija). His role was assistant social media manager for the YNaija platforms but he didn’t see it getting him any closer to his dreams so he started looking for other opportunities. He first tried Anakle then The Quadrant Company just before his NYSC year was over. He is currently in the digital team in Quadrant.

Tunmise unlike most people, has a postive attitude towards his challenges.

 “I have seen everything that happens on a daily basis to be as a way of life and not see it as an obstacle to getting to where I should be. That is not to say I am living in denial I just steady thank God for how far I get to go every day and what knowledge I gather from every experience of life.” He said.

What keeps him going is knowing that he owes his parents and would do everything to ensure he doesn’t disappoint them. He also finds peace knowing that he is doing well at his job without any formal PR training. These are enough to motivate him and boost his self belief.

When asked what opportunities he is looking to take advantage of, he said,

“Looking to start a fully functional growth hacking company in a few months from now and other lucrative business ventures as times goes on and yes I still intend practicing Quantity survey in some sort of way. Lol I can’t have 5 years go to waste.”

Tunmise does not believe in youths waiting for the government to provide a solution. He believes youth empowerment should start from us as people because that is the only way for Nigeria to develop.

“Like an average American will tell you; ‘Don’t think of what your coutry will do for you, think of what you can do for your country’ Yes that’s a developed country but that saying is what got them to where they. Opportunities abound everywhere just be vigilant enough to sieze them not waiting/wishing the country was better or your parents were richer. Just be better”

You can contact Tunmise via the platforms listed below.

Twitter: Mr_Tunmise

Instagram: Mr_Tunmise


WhatsApp: +2348092888225

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