contemporary visual artist

Meet Daniel – The Contemporary Visual Artist


Daniel Eche, also known as Niel, is an abstract and contemporary visual artist.

Daniel did not start out in art; he went from designing websites to creating abstract and contemporary visual art. “I started design generally in 2015. I was an intern at a design studio called Mesh Design Studio. I was a web designing at the studio. From designing website, I kept going and trying my hands at other things till I got here.”

contemporary visual artist                                 contemporary visual artist

One major problem he faced at some point was balancing school and his work and it was something he had to do but it was not easy,

He draws his inspiration from a lot of places, he says. “I get inspired from basically everything , I see anything, I imagine it and try to put it down.”

Talking about the project or activity that made him believe in himself, he mentioned the acknowledgement he got from many on Twitter. “Well one activity I took part in that made me really believe in myself was the wearenigeriancreatives hashtag on Twitter, there was so much acknowledgement “

contemporary visual artist                      contemporary visual artist

Now, he wants to share his work with more people and so would love to feature in exhibitions worldwide, have more people appreciate it and hopefully buy it.

He believes the “youths in Nigeria are very talented and creative, and one major way to start empowering the youths is by encouraging them. You tend to find out that most young people don’t do anything because when do what they like, they get discouraged due to lack of encouragement and the prevailing situation in the country. That shouldn’t be so, not if we want to make Nigeria better because the youths are the force behind the country getting better.

You can reach him on

Instagram: @niel_eche

Twitter: @niel_eche


Phone number: 09058943101



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