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Cynthia Jon Dumebi A.K.A Dextrous Cy is that Editor who helps to bring out the best in every written work. She started as a writer in Secondary School Fellowship and then joined the Editorial team in the University Fellowship.

Her most exciting and insightful project was starting Dextrous Youths when he was in her second year in the University.

“Dextrous Youths is a group to bring writers together to encourage ourselves while inspiring others. You know there is so much strength to draw from a company of like-minded persons like yourself. We usually write articles and paste on notice boards in different departments while also posting online and sending bulk SMS to as many as possible.
We got positive responses from even persons we didn’t know. It gave me an insight that, a simple line of words can improve your neighbor’s life.”

Although it has been a fun experience for Cynthia, she is sometimes faced with the challenge of getting inspiration to write. She also faces some difficulties when it comes to editing other writers work.

She is often inspired by Francine Rivers who is a Christian fiction writer. “I love the way she’s so dynamic about her works.”

Cynthia, whose aim is to inspire as many young writers as she can, thinks empowerment comes from insight.

“I think every single person is empowered! Empowerment comes from an insight. I think if every youth is sat down and talked to; an empowered man will rise from within. Sometimes I think inferiority complex is a big hindrance to youth empowerment.”

You can connect with Cynthia via the following channels,

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Instagram – @dextrous_Cy


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