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Meet Confidence – The Mushroom Lady


Confidence Ejiofor, also called the “Mushroom Lady” is an Agricultural Economist, a mushroom farmer and purveyor of oyster mushrooms and mushroom value added products.

She started her business because she was denied employment because she was married with kids. “I decided to build my business around my family. Another thing is I am a strong advocate for eating food for health benefits and not just for Hunger and fortunately, I discovered mushrooms. After studying about mushrooms, I was shocked that a lot of people live a life time without even tasting such a nutrient rich food and my love for uncommon things led to mushrooms.”

The Mushroom lady admitted to facing challenges. “The challenges I face are funds to expand my business so that I can harvest 100kg or more of mushrooms every month. So yes, space and finance are a major challenge.  Another challenge is people not taking mushrooms seriously for the health because of the popular notion that mushrooms are for those who cannot afford meat.”

Confidence draws her inspiration from a lot of women. “But I will mention two who have inspired me in the field of agriculture; Ada Osakwe of Agrolay Ventures and founder of Nuli Juice Company and Angel Adelaja of Fresh Direct.”

On what increased her confidence, she says, “I have worked with Angel Adelaja of Fresh Direct; her work ethics is outstanding and her achievements spurred me to keep doing what I do.”

Moving forward, she is looking forward to getting more funds to expand and increase product as well as more equipment for mushroom processing.

Giving her opinion to youth empowerment, she opines, “I think Nigerian youths can be empowered through access to low interest and non-collateral loans, grants, business education, the power sector should be improved upon and measures should be put in place to make it easy to do business in Nigeria.”

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