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Meet Confidence – The Minister of Stomach Infrastructure


Confidence Ejiofor describes herself as the minister of stomach infrastructure “because I am all about the processes involved before food gets to the stomach which is planning, shopping, cooking and eating. I help busy mums figure out what to cook for their families every day via well crafted relatable and doable Nigerian family meal plans.”

Talking about when she started, she says, “I started because I was faced with making that decision everyday; “what to cook” for my family. I used sample meal plans but I get bored after repeatedly using the meal schedule after a month. I looked for meal planning app but none catered for Nigerian meals. I was frustrated.  I wanted something that will work with Nigerian meals and since there was none, I had to create one hence the birth of “Plan2Chop” which translates to plan to eat (chop in pidgin)”

Her major challenge is acceptance. “It’s something new and Nigerians have this attitude of embracing new things.  Even though a lot of women struggle with meal planning, they see it as not worth the investment, people would rather spend on material things and physical products rather than services beneficial to them.  Challenge number 3 is funds to actually make the business run without so much manual effort.”

Confidence is inspired by strong women doing well for themselves and she mentioned a few among them; Askdamz (weight loss coach extraordinary), Linda Ikeji, Ibukun Awoskia and Yeye Bush (Manners Matters).”

When asked about what increased her believe in herself, she replies, “Being a mother at an early age (20 years old) while attending university shaped me in so many ways than one, I have met a lot of people and read about women who have helped me a great deal, made them feel that if they can do it, I can too.”

Now, she looks forward to collaboration with well know and trusted brands. “It will give my business the exposure it needs to expand and funds.”

About youth empowerment, she opines, “Nigerian youths are the most resilient and hard working group of people there is. Despite the fact that the economic environment is not conducive, they still try to thrive and do their best to survive. I think if the economy is improved, it will make a great difference.”

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