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Christina for ‘women of care’

Christiana Thomas A.K.A. Miss World is a stand-up comedian, actress, talk show host, producer and director. She hosts the talk show “women of care” which is a women empowerment talk show affiliated to her own privately run NGO also called “women of care”

When asked about her career journey, she said:

“I see entertainment as a calling and as my ministry, a God given gift. So I always tell people that it’s my world. It all started when I was 7years old, I lived in Sokoto, Nigeria. My dad would always take me out to a children’s variety show at NTA Sokoto and actually saw the talent in me.

In 2002 I came back to Ghana, and later I worked with Rita Marley (Bob Marley’s wife) as a backup singer (yes, I sing), and later joined a reggae band called “vibration kings” in 2004. Also in 2004 I had been organizing events and comedy shows where young artistes could showcase their talent, under a production line called “nature house”. And I did a lot of the logistics work all by myself (including designs for posters and flyers and much more), it was just God who saw me through.

In 2007 I was invited for an audition by miss Bibie Brew the popular Ghanaian project fame judge, she’s also a popular artiste in France. She was looking for a dancer to use in an upcoming gig, and I was selected.

She owns New Morning Café Arts theatre and Creative center where we would go and groom our voices and also dance. She remains a huge inspiration to me till date. I’ve never regretted meeting her.

I got the nickname “miss world” during a gig one day with a friend, it was supposed to be an interview kind of comedy skit and my chosen name on stage was miss world, the name stuck after that day.

I produced my first movie in 2008 and it was a special moment for me, having Patience Ozokwor with me on set.”

As an Entertainer, Christiana’s major challenge is that people want to enjoy her services without paying.

“They value what we entertainers have to offer but mostly don’t want to pay enough for it. Also many entertainers and comedians in the industry work with pride, and find it hard to collaborate with others, even when you are the one who perhaps provided a platform for them to grow. Add that to the inadequate personal assistants these days, a good number of them can’t stick to their duties and rather look for ways to go about their own growth and climb, that’s very wrong.”

Her inspiration comes foremost from God Almighty and Miss Bibie Brew. She describes Brew as a mentor, coach, teacher, guider, a bundle of knowledge and experience.

One project that Christiana worked on which made her believe in herself is the Women of Care program she did in Warri, Nigeria.

“It was really great to see the level of impact in the talkshow. There were challenges in the planning, but in the end the success was massive and gave me a huge boost.”


Being a youth empowerment enthusiast, Christiana believes that more programs need to be put in place for the youth-centric programs to be empowered.

“Youths need to be talked to, they need to have seminars, workshops, and programs created and geared towards enriching their minds. The social media needs to be corrected and balanced towards the youth, so we need more content geared towards them.”

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“Youths should be encouraged by the adults, events and platforms should be created to encourage them to make a choice according to their passion. Not every child must grow to be a doctor. The parents also must be empowered to do better.”

Christiana is currently looking for good funding, support, promoters, sponsors and as much assistance as possible for her upcoming “Women of Care” programs, and her “Your kids got talent” comedy show  

“NGOs and private individuals can partake in this because we have so much outlined and a lot to cover.”

Watch videos below to know more:

If you are interested in partnering with or sponsoring Christina, you could connect with her via the listed platforms below:

Twitter :@favour116ch

Instagram :Miss _worldforlife

Facebook: @ and @missworldcomedian






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