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Meet Charles – The Digital Storyteller


Charles Chiedozie Isidi is a Digital Storyteller. He uses resonating and relevant stories in different formats to craft immersive experiences for a brand’s audience in order to drive measurable business benefits.

Digital storyteller

Charles had a lot to say about how he started. “As far as I could remember, my expressive tool was my words and that significantly got better as time let it. My first experience doing this intentionally was in my University days.”

“I joined the publications unit of my school fellowship and well, met a number of great people who still continue to be influences in my life till this day. They shaped my art, pruned my writing skills and got me involved in graphic design and visual communication.”

“However, in my third year in the University, it became clear that what I wanted to do was create compelling stories that get people’s attention. Soon, I was heading the publications team and created all the magic I had in me at the time, for me that was my fattening room; my first stage to develop my genius. I learned so much about my craft and explored possibilities whenever it came, such that by the time I was leaving school I was hosting design and branding events as well as carrying on proper briefs for design projects.”

“This was only the beginning, NYSC had me handling a number of freelance projects and soon after, I found myself in Lagos, taking my future into my own hands and testing the waters with both legs; it was a scary reality at first but soon I found stability when I trained with Livity Africa and Google Nigeria on Digital Marketing for the first time. The experience was thrilling.”

“I finally got a job at a Digital Agency (ADE Digital), serving as a Content Development Executive for some of the biggest brands on the block, it has been a shell shocking experience for me, but I am excited the waters led me here. My boat has been rocked more than once since I began sailing these waters, been close to drowning a few times but my head remained above waters.”

The biggest challenge of the digital storyteller has to do with the limitations that accompany creativity. “My biggest challenge is the struggle to fit in and create under certain stringent conditions, with a heart that loves to soar, you shrink when put in a cage. Creative autonomy is always in question when you work in a non-standardized institution like mine.”

“Then the constant undervaluing of digital products in this part of the world has led to a seeming stagnancy when it comes to career progression among a number of other things. I also think that the recurring narrative that the creative is only an asset when in his process but a total liability when making growth decisions can be a challenge. That is why I recommend that creative persons need to start grooming proper business management skills.”

 His number one source of inspiration is God, who he calls the Father of Light that wraps Himself in light. Also, a number of people who, he says, are always ready to recreate and shape an idea, inspire him. He reads a lot or what he terms “constantly consuming knowledge” in order to get into the minds of beautiful minds. Furthermore, inspiration for creativity comes from anything and everything.

Speaking on the project he has done that increased his belief in himself, he has this to say, “Well, there was the latter part of last year when I engaged in more socially relevant projects. So I dreamed up the Lagos Street Store, a shop where the less privileged of society can buy clothes and other items for NGN0.00. I called for volunteers on social media and the best people rallied around this idea.”

“I hit a bump getting the team to dream and create, maybe it was me projecting my state of mind at the time. With the three months that we initially had to plan now gone to the drain, we finally got together in the last weeks to create magic and it was a test in trust and love, not to bore you, here’s what I shared on Twitter. The positive responses from the event warmed my heart and since then, I have decided to stop polishing ideas too much that they become insurmountable, just keep doing as they come has been the new mantra.”

Going forward, the digital storyteller is looking for opportunities to use his storytelling skills for purposeful and more societal transformation. “I like to call myself a King Maker; So I guess it would be the best thing if I can court opportunities to use my storytelling skills and work with great leaders to create the change that Nigeria and Africa needs to rebuff her global sentiment.”

Calling youth empowerment ‘Buzz words,’ Charles gives his opinion on youth empowerment. “Everyone chants this, so hard that it is losing its potency in implication. Nigeria’s youths account for the largest population demographic in Nigeria. This should be good news but to the wrong people, it is not. Nigeria’s youths need to realise that they need to create their opportunities, they need to create their own greener pastures.”

“We need to stop believing that the older generation will create the realities we dream of, they don’t dream like we do. This ‘sit and wait’ is eroding the largest demographic in the country. While I think it is shameful that the Leadership has found a way to handicap its able-bodied generation intentionally or not, the youths should take the future into their hands rather than hope that magic would happen.”

“Develop skills, relevant ones that can more than put food on your table but make you globally relevant. Develop proficiency that can put you on the map. While I am up for Youth Empowerment, I think the schemes the government creates have just been another tactic for media attention, the change we need in this country to empower the youth will be more than N-power, it will be hinged on public-private partnerships. I will close this with a quote my friend, Greygon, always says ‘BE A SPOON’. The point is; a pestle is for pounding yam in Nigeria, take it to the UK, its only use might be in the museum, but take a spoon across the world and a spoon remains a spoon. So my advice for the youth is; chase after the extraordinary, kings only seek after extraordinary, only the man who has washed his hands well eats with kings. While you are looking to gain skills, gain globally relevant ones, don’t be an antique.” 

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