meet catherine the skin-care therapist - the spark youth empowerment platforms in nigeria

Meet Catherine – The Skin-care Therapist


Catherine Ogorchukwu Johnson, also known as Katie, is a builder by profession, who found passion in skincare and became a skin-care therapist.

meet catherine the skin-care therapist - the spark youth empowerment platforms in nigeria

Speaking about how she started, she says, “It all started when I was pregnant, I lost my complexion and became so dark and when I gave birth. I decided to enhance my skin colour and I started seeing visible results in few days even before I named my child. Thereafter, I decide to make it a business and that’s where I am today.”

She admitted to facing a lot of challenges in her business. “One of the challenges we face is finding the right materials to suit the different skin types. We also face being lumped together with incompetent skin care therapists around; it makes it difficult for customers to trust that you are different and know your onions. Another challenge we face has to do with delivery when dispatchers delay delivery and some clients change their mind when they don’t get their product as at when due. Network problems also sometimes limit and affect communication in the business.”

Catherine draws inspirations from people that have gone ahead of her. Her daughter also inspires me to do more because “I really have to give her the best in life so I will really say she is my biggest inspiration.”

When asked about the project that served as a confidence booster for her, she had this to say. “When I finished in school as a builder, a friend of mine got a peppery and wants to convert to a hotel so and I told him I could do the job for him. Lo and behold, I did the job successfully … a 16 room hotel and as a fresh graduate, that was a great feat for me.”

meet catherine the skin-care therapist - the spark youth empowerment platforms in nigeria

Looking forward, she is “open to a lot of opportunities in this business, such as entertainment and modelling and outside the business, I am also looking towards breaking into the social media market with ease.”

The skin care therapist gave her opinion on youth empowerment. “Youth empowerment is one of the major keys we need in this country to reduce the crime rate, boost the economy and also for the growth of the society.”

“Nigerian youths can be empowered in so many ways even as little as the ones we small scale business owners do, take for example, I have people that we work together while producing, they work per hour, I have people that pound soaps, people that help with filling and cleaning, sealing and packaging … they all get empowered in their own little way from a small scale business of mine. Imagine having more of that in the country.

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Instagram: @katiezbeautyclinique

Facebook: @katiezofficial



Mobile Number: 08067350739.

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