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Meet Bukola – The Fashion Designer


Bukola Gbemisola Oduyebo, also known as Harnu_couture, is a Fashion Designer. “I make people happy with their look.”

“It all started when I was in secondary school, living with my aunt who has shop and I used to help. I saw it has a hobby but as time went on, I fell in love with sewing and decided I was going to do this full time in future.”

Speaking on her source of inspiration, Bukola says, “I draw my Inspiration from the fashion goddess, Toyin Lawani She has been my great inspiration and I also draw inspiration from people around me, I look and listen to things they like and want.”

Having a successful project at the Fashion Academy she attended was a big feat for her. “The one project that has made me so proud of myself was when I went to Appealbymae Academy and towards the end of the training we were asked to design children’s clothing for a runway show and the end result was so amazing that I couldn’t believe I was part of the amazing show we put up.”

And now, “I am looking for an opportunity to work with designers who will impact me with more knowledge and help me to boost my confidence and lead me to the right path of my own clothing line.”

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Concerning youth empowerment, the fashion designer has this to say, “Youth empowerment is very crucial in this country, it enables youths who have no idea what to do next know the right path to take.”

“I think for Nigeria youths to be empowered, the country and other already empowered youth should organise various seminars for our youth.”

Connect with her via

Facebook: Oduyebo Bukola Gbemisola

Instagram: @_haarnu _

Phone Number: 08134433446

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