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Meet Bashir – The Creative Entrepreneur


Oladimeji Bashir  Eyiowuawi, also known as Bash Aleee, is a Creative Entrepreneur. One of his ventures is the Dodo gang, which is basically a way of using his creativity to unite plantain lovers.

creative entrepreneur

Speaking on how he started, he says, “I was still in University when it all started. It started like a joke really, but with determination and the right packaging, we were able to brand ourselves well to organize events and get sponsors for them. Ever since then, the followership of the brand has continued grow. We’ve been able to grow from events to fashion and more recently, food.”

creative entrpreneur

He had a lot to say about the challenges he has faced so far. “The name of the brand is “Dodo Gang” which means a group of people that love to eat fried plantain. It started in Ghana and Dodo doesn’t mean fried plantain there, so that was initially a challenge. Then again, it was and still is a bit of a challenge explaining to people what it really means and that it isn’t a ‘bad gang’. Registering the company name in Nigeria was also a challenge as they did not allow us register “Gang” so we had to tweak it a bit. Funny enough, they let us register “Dodo Gang” in Ghana, but not Nigeria.”

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He draws inspiration from plantain lovers like himself. “My inspiration comes from people’s love for plantain and the somewhat crazy things they do to plantain, for plantain and because of plantain. Listening to their demands has always given me right things to supply.”

He mentioned that one of his greatest achievements is the World Plantain Day (June 5th). “The acceptance for World Plantain Day was overwhelming considering the fact that we did not even plan an event for it. It was like magic how people (even celebrities) came on board to embrace it. They all celebrated and contributed to the success of the celebration no matter how small. Some people even organized their own little World Plantain Day events and there were loads of giveaways. It was like a festival of festivities and it was not just in Lagos or Nigeria, but from all over the world. The aim is to get the UN (United Nations) to recognize it and acknowledge it as a World-wide holiday. We are sure that with time and determination, we will surely get there. “

Now, he is looking for opportunities in the agricultural sector.

He believes “the Nigerian Youth can be empowered only when the Nigerian youth is in power. Because young people are the future, it is best to give them the opportunity to start creating the future now. We have been following all our lives, its time for us to start leading. The older generation need to understand that its okay to let power go, they’ve done enough damage already.

You can reach him on

All social media platforms: @dodogang_ & @worldplantainday

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