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Meet Esther – The Media Personality


Bamiloshin Esther A.K.A Estee Bams is a media personality and relationship coach.

Esther felt the need to put her energy into positive use so she decided to intern in a media house. And as for being a relationship coach, she said,

“I have always found myself providing wise counsel to people with issues in their love lives even though I wasn’t in a relationship.”

Esther said that finding her path in life was one of her greatest challenges. She felt that “being multi talented initially seemed like a curse instead of a blessing.” Although it was a great struggle at first, she says she is learning to strike a balance in her career life.

“I am learning to enjoy them and still live a balanced Iife. So this minute, I am presenting on tv, the next minute, I am doing a voice over, the next minute, I am in a brainstorming session towards a new TV programme, the next minute, I am helping a client through his/her relationship crisis, the next minute I am on the red carpet, the next minute, I am anchoring an event and the list goes on.”

Starting her media career as an intern, made Esther realize how much she could achieve if she chose to see opportunities rather than problems. She described it as a personal ‘project’ which gave her a platform to turn her talents into skills. However, she still looking forward to working on bigger platforms and bigger projects in the media industry.

Her inspiration is drawn from having a constant and consistent relationship with God. She is also inspired by women who have gone ahead of her and have done great things.

Esther with Gloria Anozie Young on the red carpet

Esther with Gloria Anozie Young on the red carpet

When asked about her views on Nigerian youths and empowerment, she said,

“I believe empowerment starts with a choice, a decision to become empowered. Youths should take advantage of social media by using it as a medium to learn and to connect with those that matter in their desired industries. Nigerian youths can be empowered by overhauling the entire educational system.”

You can contact Esther via these platforms

Facebook – Bamiloshin Esther

Instagram – @ebamiloshin, @diaryofasingleladyofficial

Twitter – @ebamiloshin


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